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A small project to convert a CSV Document into a model :)


  1. Create a model which implements the Codable protocol.
struct Ingredient: Codable {
    var name_ger: String
    var kcal: Double
    var kcal_unit: String
  1. Your CSV-file could look like this.
ID name D energy kcal energy unit
381 Banane, roh 95 kilocalorie

Now you create an array with the attribtues you want to read. Each element represents a column in your CSV-file. Columns you do not want to read you can insert a nil.

    let attributesToReadFromTable = [nil, "name_ger", "kcal", "kcal_unit"]

⚠️ The names in the attribute array have to be the same as in your model!

  1. Initialize and adjust the CSVReader.
    let csvReader = CSVReader<Ingredient>(csvString: csvString, attributeNames: attributesToReadFromTable)
    csvReader.decimalSeparator = ","
    csvReader.elementSeparator = ";"
  1. Implement the CSVReaderDelegate to track the proccess (if needed).
extension ViewController: CSVReaderDelegate {
    func changed(progress: Float) {
        progressView.progress = progress
  1. Call the .read() method.
    let result =

Thank you - free data ♥️

Thank you for the free data -