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MHStatisticView - Preview

alt text


var drawXLabelForEveryXElement: Int = 1
var gradientColors: [CGColor]
var selectedCircleLineWidth: CGFloat = 3.0
var selectedCircleRadius: CGFloat = 10.0
var circleRadius: CGFloat = 7.0
var lineWidth: CGFloat = 3.0
var legendFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: UIFont.systemFontSize)
var shouldDrawCircleForEachData = false
var legendTextColor = UIColor.black

var margin: CGFloat = 20
var marginTop: CGFloat = 10
var marginRight: CGFloat = 0
var marginBottom: CGFloat = 20
var marginLeft: CGFloat = 40

func setMargin(top: CGFloat, right: CGFloat, bottom: CGFloat, left: CGFloat)
var paddingTopLine: CGFloat = 10
var paddingBottomLine: CGFloat = 10

var dataSource: UIStatisticViewDataSource? = nil
var delegate: UIStatisticViewDelegate? = nil

func reloadData()
func viewDidLayoutSubviews()


func statisticView(_ statisticView: UIStatisticLineChartView, didSelectedIndexindex: Int)
func statisticView(_ statisticView: UIStatisticLineChartView, isSelecting: Bool)


func dataToDisplay(in statisticView: UIStatisticLineChartView) -> [CGFloat]
func legendX(for statisticView: UIStatisticLineChartView) -> [String]
func legendY(for statisticView: UIStatisticLineChartView) -> [String]

Margin & Padding

alt text

Errors that can occur

2017-11-11 11:00:37.562686+0100 MHStatisticViewExample[4051:236395] Unknown class UIStatisticLineChartView in Interface Builder file.

  1. Go to your Storyboard
  2. Select the UIStatisticLineChartView
  3. Set the Module to "MHStatisticFramework" alt text