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WWDC 18 Submission

This is my WWDC Submission for 2018 This project was rewarded a scholarship :) by Marcel Hagmann 👨‍💻


UICalendarView 📅

With this UICalendarView it is super easy to give the user a well looking overview about his upcoming events. The user can navigation between the months and select a day to get a detail overview about the events on that selected day. Days that contain a event are highlighted different so that the user can see his events faster.

alt text

UIOverview 🔍

The UICalendarOverview is an extension to the UICalendarView and represents the events of the selected day in the calendar. With a touch on a cell an animation will appear depended of the selected event. Each EventType has it's own animation. There are six different type of events.

alt text

Filter Event Types ⚙️

In a real world situation the user could could add a lot of eventy and by the time the calendar will be overcrowded. To still guarntee a good overview the user can filter and select which type of events should be shown.

alt text


A touch on the button will expand the menu with a soft animation. Great if the user has the option to select between different actions without to occupy to much of the view.

alt text

Used Technolgy

CAEmitterLayer & CAEmitterCell

Is used for the different event type animations. E.g. the birthday event will play a confetti animation.

UIViewPropertyAnimator & CAKeyframeAnimation

Is used the UIViewPropertyAnimator to animate the UIMenuButton. The CAKeyframeAnimation objects animates the apple logo to the calculatet CGPath.

alt text


The complete calendar was created by my own with the UIKit.


The 'Birthday' and 'New Year' events providing sounds and is played together with the particle effect. I apologize for beeing a developer and not a sound designer 😅