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Azure Monitor for RDS, Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Sites

This solution monitors each worker in your RDS, WVD or Citrix environment. The agent is focused on events, performance consumption, network activities and more regarding each user’s IT experiences. Workers in this context are Windows Remote Desktop Server, Windows Virtual Desktop, XenApp Servers and of course Windows Client VDI’s (XenDesktop).

The agents combine data from different sources and send them to your OMS Log Analytics workspace in Azure. There is no other infrastructure needed: No SQL server, no windows server. Nothing else! The data are saved and analyzed in Azure.

Note: The legal owner of this solution is sepago Gmbh, Dillenburger Str. 83, 51105 Cologne, Germany -

Go to to download the agent and learn more.

After the deployment:

  • Install and configure the agents
  • Set the retention time of your workspace (default: 360 days)
  • Test the agent and Azure Monitor
  • Analyze your data
  • We offer the Azure Monitoring Agent for testing and community purposes without any warranty nor support for non-commercial use. Please test the monitoring solution. For commercial use we offer licenses, including premium features, updates, and support for building KUSTO queries. Visit sepago Shop for more information or get your special quote from

Deploy a full Azure Monitor workspace for Windows Virtual Desktop incl. Azure Workbooks to your Azure subscription (Azure Global and Azure US Government)

Deploy a full Azure Monitor for Citrix to your Azure subscription

Deploy the Azure Monitor solution directly from the Azure Marketplace:

Azure Marketplace


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