A JQuery plugin for a responsive and performant content slider
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jQuery.jQSlider - Fast and responsive content slider

jQSlider follows a new approach in sliding content. Where most slider-plugins are moving the whole list of slides when animating, jQSlider animates only the list with two visible slides at the time. But the most important difference is, that it is not cloning the first (respectively last) slides to realize a circular movement. This is important if you have rich content inside of your slide that would break when it's cloned. This approach makes it also possible to have a fully css based scaling.

If you have grunt installed (see http://gruntjs.com/) you can build a minified version with

$ grunt

You can also build an API reference (generated in './doc') by running:

$ grunt yuidoc

A HowTo can be found here:


And here some examples:

Simple Slider Setup Slider with responsive images Slider with responsive videos An individual customized slider Extending the plugin