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Apple Store (iTunes) Podcasts Crawler

Simple scalable crawler for Podcasts data from the iTunes Apple Store.

All the data you can see about a certain podcast once you open its page on the browser, is the data available from this project.

You don't have to input any of your Apple Account credentials since this Crawler acts like a "Logged Out" user.

Setting up your environment

If you want to host your own database, SQS queues and virtual machines, you can. All you have to do is change the config files and the "Consts" class on the SharedLibrary to the values of your own preference (QueueNames, MongoDB Credentials/Address) and Amazon Web Services Keys (that you will need in order to access your queues from code).

For more detailed information, please, refer to this project's Wiki

Exporting the Database

As people kept requesting me, i decided to export the database on it's current state. I you want the exported file, get in touch with me at :, and I will send you the file. (I decided not to keep the file public, because there were people downloading the same file over and over again, and not paying for it, which led to a huge AWS bill that I had to pay).

Have in mind that downloading the database costs me money, since i pay for the outbound traffic provided by AWS when you query the database So, consider making a donation (via paypal) to (Pay what you want, Humble Bundle style).

If you need any specific extraction, let me know so we can figure out whats the best way to do it.

About me

My name is Marcello Lins, i am a 25 y/o developer from Brazil who works with BigData and DataMining techniques at the moment.

Visit for more awesomeness !

What is this project about ?

The main idea of this project is to gather/mine data about Podcasts of the Apple Store and build a rich database so that developers, podcasts fans and anyone else can use to generate statistics about the current apple store situation

There are many questions we have no answer at the moment and we should be able to answer them with this database.

What do i need before i start?

  • I highly recommend you read all the pages of this wiki, which won`t take long.

  • Know C#

How about the database?

  • I have made my MongoDB database public, including a user with read/write permissions so we can all use and populate the same database.

  • If you feel like, you can make your own MongoDB Database and change the code Consts to point the output to your own MongoDB Database. No Biggie

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