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A hobby operating system for x86 computers written in modern C++20 .
It gains the power of the UNIX philosophy, but experiments new designs at the same time.

Prebuilt Images

MeetixOS Nightly : Go to the latest job, then download MeetixOS located under Artifacts
You MUST be logged in to GitHub to download the image

Follow to build the system from scratch

Run MeetixOS

For QEMU run with:

$ qemu-system-i386 -enable-kvm -cpu host -smp 2 -m 512M -serial stdio -cdrom MeetixOS.iso

KVM strongly recommended

Current Project Direction

After a very long hiatus, with side projects and various incomplete re-implementation of the MeetixOS (in C++ and Rust), I decided to return to the original MeetixOS's codebase then progressively rewrite and improve each existing component and write new ones.

Then I've decided to follow the fashion and implement near all the necessary code from myself to increase the fun and the learning effect.

Current Status

Currently, I'm working on LibTC, the Template Collection Library.

This template library is inspired by the SerenityOS/AK and the SkiftOS/LibUtils libraries.

The goal is to make it usable in all the OS contexts, from the kernel to the applications, as substitute of the LibStdC++.

What's Next

After the completion of LibTC and after having tested it thoroughly, the next step is to start rewriting the kernel.

The idea is to make it a monolithic Unix-Like kernel which exposes standard UNIX filesystem features like /MeetiX/Devices (/dev), /MeetiX/Tasks (/proc) and /MeetiX/Runtime (/var).

It could be a good idea to expose custom object-oriented system-calls (using Handle oriented call, like Windows, wrapped into C++ RAII objects) which can be wrapped easily by the LibC functions to expose a standard UNIX/POSIX system call interface for future ports.

No More GUI

The GUI is temporarily disabled since the old WindowServer is not stable enough, and because I want to develop a new Compositor system (probably after the new kernel), which allow by default to draw via canvas to a shared buffer.


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