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Welcome to the
Mastering Delphi 4 Source Code
This archive includes the the full source code (
including Pascal files, form description files,
project files, and resource files) for all of the
examples of the book. It includes also the HTML version
of the source code, with the proper syntax highlighting.
Because of their size, the compiled executable files are
available in separate archives, one for each part of the
book. Another archive ( includes the files
for the HTML cross reference.
Directory Structure
Once you've downloaded this archive and saved it on your
hard disk, it will expand the files into a directory structure
based on the book's parts and chapters. For example, all the
files for Chapter 3's CreateC ("Create Component") example will
be in the folder \Part1\03\CreateC. You can then load the files
into Delphi, simply view the listings in any text editor, or browse
the HTML version of the source code.
In case of problems and to look for book udpates, check
Sybex Web site ( or the author Web site (
On, the authors has many Delphi tips, more documents
and examples. His site hosts also a public newsgroup related to
the book, at the address:
The source code of the examples in this archive is copyrighted by
Sybex and Marco Cantù and cannot be distributed freely.
If you don't have the book feel free to look at the examples anyway,
and hope this will convince you to buy it. If you own the book,
good reading, and please check my web site for updates and more examples.
-Marco (
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