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This project tries to mimic Spacemacs key bindings in Eclipse IDE.

For instance, SPC b b in Spacemacs let you switch between buffers, so it makes sense to map it to the “Quick switch editor” Eclipse command.

How it works

This project can be seen as a set of configuration files for the Vrapper plugin, which enables vim emulation inside Eclipse. ~/.vrapperrc is the file where Vrapper lets you add Vim initialization commands, i.e. this file is like ~/.vimrc for vim.

IdeaVim parses the most common vim commands, together with the custom :eclipseaction[!] <name> <id> and :eclipseuiaction[!] <name> <id> commands, used to bind the Eclipse action with the specified <id> to a (command line mode) command <name>.

Spaceclipse provides different files, which can be included individually in your own .vrapperrc, in order to get only the functionalities you want.

Key bindings

Spaceclipse is composed of three modules:

Contains Spacemacs settings and key bindings that can be replicated with a similar behaviour in Eclipse.
Contains settings and key bindings not present in Spacemacs, but that may be useful in Eclipse.
Contains key bindings that start with SPC m, that may or may not be present in some Spacemacs major mode.

Furthermore, Spaceclipse provides some of the features of Spacemacs hybrid mode, which may be enabled by sourcing the file ~/spaceclipse/hybrid.vim.

Read ./ to see all 200+ available key bindings.


  1. Install Vrapper from the Marketplace or by going to Help -> Install New Software and inserting the update site
  2. Go to Preferences -> General -> Keys. Search for all the key bindings that you normally use in vim (like <C-f> and <C-b> for example) and click on “Unbind command” if you wish to use them in vim.
  3. Clone this repository in your home directory:
    cd ~
    git clone
  4. In your home directory, create the file .vrapper and edit it in order to include the modules you want by sourcing the relative source files. In the following there is an example of .vrapper file that includes all the functionalities offered by Spaceclipse. In this file you can also include your own vim commands.
    " Selected Spaceclipse modules
    source ~/spaceclipse/spacemacs.vim
    source ~/spaceclipse/extra.vim
    source ~/spaceclipse/major.vim
    source ~/spaceclipse/hybrid.vim
    " My own vim commands
    nnoremap Y y$
  5. (optional) source your vimrc file by adding the line source ~/.vimrc in .ideavimrc (you may break something).


In order to update run git pull inside the spaceclipse directory.


List IDE actions

  1. Install Eclipse PDE (Plug-in Development Environment)
  2. Click on File -> New -> Other... and select “Cheat Sheet”. Select a project, assign a filename, leave “Simple Cheat Sheet” selected and click “Finish”.
  3. Open the file, expand “Title”, click on “Item” and press the “Browse…” button.

If you find a useful IDE action that is not present yet, feel free to open a pull request to add it.


In order to avoid conflicts for the sake of a good organization, key bindings actions are named with the following convention: moduleName_functionName.

Support new languages

Currently Spaceclipse only supports C/C++ and Java for language specific commands, but adding a new language is super easy!

Execute grep "^au " -r ~/spaceclipse/ to see commands that needs to be adapted to other languages.


Go back to code

Key bindings only work when you are inside the code. For example, if you are inside the project explorer they don’t work. Go to Preferences -> General -> Keys and search for the command “Activate Editor”. This binding will bring the focus to the last visited code window and you will be able to use Spaceclipse key bindings again. By default this command is mapped to <F12>, you can change it from this menu.


Related projects

  • Intellimacs - Spacemacs’ like key bindings for IntelliJ platform.
  • VSpaceCode - Spacemacs’ like key bindings for Visual Studio Code


Spacemacs' like key bindings for Eclipse.








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