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ELPHIN Toolbox

Excel-Add-in (.xlam) - Toolbox for enhanced Excel functions

Version history

Version 2.0 (12 August 2018)

  • SG DataSet Finder for finding matching data records across different Excel files
  • Undo option can be deactivated for performance improvement
  • GUI languages: English and German

Version 1.0 (25 April 2017)

  • Convert all letters to upper-case letters (as value or function)
  • Convert all letters to lower-case letters (as value or function)
  • Capitalize each word (as value or function)
  • Remove all spaces at the beginning of a cell (as value)
  • Remove all spaces at the end of a cell (as value)
  • Remove all spaces at the beginning and the end of the cell (as value)
  • Remove multiple spaces (as value or function)
  • Check the selected cells for non-breaking spaces
  • Replace non-breaking spaces in the selected cells
  • Check the selected cells for non-printing control characters
  • Remove control characters in the selected cells
  • Absolute value of a real number (as value or function)
  • Convert the result of a formula or function to a value
  • Hide formula result zero (0)
  • Remove empty rows or columns
  • Memorize row or colum nnumber
  • Compare worksheets


Excel Add-in for enhanced Excel functions




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