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Horse racing simulator for Microsoft Excel (Add-in)
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The horse racing simulator is available as an Excel Add-In (.xlam) file or a simple Workbook (.xlsm) and takes you to different race tracks around the world for watching stunning race events.

Version history

Version 149.10 (05 January 2019)

  • 15 races including a race in the Wadden Sea and a pig race
  • Horse names on the photo of the finish
  • Photo of the finish coloured or black-and-white
  • Race progress bar on the worksheet
  • Multicoloured runners possible
  • Improved rendering for Windows 10

Version 149.00 Service Pack 1 (23 September 2018)

  • Bugfixes
  • Additional race

Version 149.00 (10 September 2018)

  • Ten races
  • Race info in a pop-up or on the worksheet
  • Race speed from normal to 5 times faster
  • Horse can refuse to run
  • AI Edition: Display in Excel or TV mode possible
  • Voice output possible for some information

Version 148.96 (30 June 2018)

  • Race information extended including a race progress bar and the current leader
  • Distance of the race track markers can be adjusted
  • Race options settings can be saved

Version 148.90 (18 June 2018)

  • Eight races, including the legendary Gold Diggers in Mouseton/Calisota (1948)
  • Two types of slipstream effects can be activated and visualised
  • Info section extended including algorithm explanation and deactivation
  • Bulgarian language added

Version 148.50 (18 April 2018)

  • Six races, one of them on a snow track
  • Photo of the finish in greater precision (1/10 meter)
  • Two types of racing tactics
  • Focused Run mode
  • Three zoom levels of the racetrack
  • Zoom level recommendation depending on screen size and chosen race
  • Evaluation of the betting slips reengineered
  • User interface of the RS edition reengineered
  • Info section reengineered
  • Race information during the race (race name and distance)
  • More Excel options (only in RS edition): Hiding the Excel ribbon, worksheet tabs, formula bar, status bar, horizontal and vertical scrollbar possible

Version 148.30 (25 December 2017)

  • Pixel movie showing the initial idea of the horse racing simulator
  • AI and RS edition
  • User interface of the AI edition reengineered

Version 148.20 (05 December 2017)

  • Bilingual interface (EN/DE)
  • Five races
  • RS edition only
  • 3,5" floppy disk shipping only

Version 148.10 (22 November 2017)

  • Four races to choose
  • Placing bets (in this version only of type "Win")
  • Advertising on the race track
  • Highlighting the favorite (optional)
  • Horse colours on the ranking list (optional)
  • Two file types available: AI edition (Add-in, xlam) and RS edition (Run Simple, xlsm)

Version 148.00 (08 August 2017)

  • Initial release
  • One race: Deutsches Derby 2017 (2400m flat race, turf track)
  • Racing tactics (optional)
  • Display hoof prints (optional)
  • Display the names and colors of the horses during the race (optional)
  • Photo of the finish
  • Ranking list after the event
  • Race track zoom when the screen is large enough (optional)
  • Automatical maximization of the Excel window (optional)
  • Hiding Excel rows and columns (optional)
  • Hiding Excel grid lines (optional)
  • German language only

Planned for further releases

  • More racing types (jump racing, endurance racing...)
  • More graphical elements (tribune, audience...)
  • Racing incidents
  • Race editor
  • Replay of the finish / of the whole race
  • Saving options for races
  • More languages
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