Simple state machine made in c#
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A simple state machine write in c# that allow you to easily create transition rules between states. A finite-state machine is a model used to represent and control execution flow. It is perfect for implementing AI in games, producing great results without a complex code.


To use the state machine you need to follow a few simple steps

Create an enum

In your derived class or whatever you prefer, you can declare you enum, which will represent the state of the state machine:

public enum YourEnum
Your monobehivour should inherit from BaseFSM

Remeber to specify the Enum that your ChildFSM should handle:

public class ChildFSM : BaseFSM<YourEnum> 

Initialize the State Machine

Inside the ChildFSM constructor you have to define the states transition and the initial state machine state:

public ChildFSM () : base()
    this.currentState = YourEnum.Idle;
    //Define the state machine transitions
    this.transitions = new Dictionary<StateTransition, YourEnum>
        { new StateTransition(YourEnum.Idle, YourEnum.Run), YourEnum.Run }, 
        { new StateTransition(YourEnum.Run, YourEnum.Jump), YourEnum.Jump }, 


    { new StateTransition(YourEnum.Idle, YourEnum.Run), YourEnum.Run }

Define the state transition. You can see it like:

{ new StateTransition(actual state, transition state), final state}

For a correct use of the state machine you have to create an instance of your child state machine:

ChildFSM fsm = new ChildFSM()


public class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            ChildFSM fsm = new ChildFSM();
            Console.WriteLine("Current State = " + fsm.currentState);
            //MoveNext used to change the state
            Console.WriteLine("Command.Begin: Current State = " + fsm.MoveNext(PlayerState.Run));
            //CanReachNext used to check if the next state it's reachable
            Console.WriteLine("Invalid transition: " + fsm.CanReachNext(PlayerState.Idle));
            Console.WriteLine("Previous State = " + fsm.previusState);


MIT License


If you liked the library or you have any suggestions these are my contacts:


2.Mail: marco.mignano89 at


If these was helpfull a simple add on Twitter will be a nice thanks.


It is inspired by the state machine found at: