A robot that copies DRM protected books!!!
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To make this program work you need to do the following things
1) place the book reading program in the background (behind the console window so you can press alt-tab and go to the book reading prgm)
2) type in mouseInfo as the parameter (i.e. java -jar KopiBot.jar mouseInfo)  and take notes of the coordinates of the two opposite corners of the rectangle you will be capturing
 			set the pointer first at the top left corner of the page of your book (make sure it isn't cutting off text!)
 			record the value somewhere as x1 and y1
			Now move the pointer to the bottom right hand corner of the page (again make sure it isn't cutting off text!)
			record that value as x2 and y2
	  also note how many pages you will be recording!
	  Make a folder for the pages something like "C:\mybook\mybook" or "/home/user/mybook"		
	  The Program will append the page # the to name you give it (i.e. mybook page#.png)

 3) Make sure the book reading program is RIGHT BEHIND THE CONSOLE WINDOW OF THIS APP!
 4) run the app with the parameters in the following order:
		java -jar KopiBot.jar "filename" x1 y1 x2 y2 "# of pages to be recorded"

 5) wait for the app to finish! you will have the number of pages to be recorded in the folder you made!
 6) use another program to stitch together the files and convert them to pdf if you want.

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Try rotating your display if your video card supports it so you can take higher res pics = better readability!

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if someone knows how to make this into a sweet gui tell me!

if someone knows how to make a transperant box on screen (for area selection) tell me!

KopiBot V 1.0 (Yeah I'm starting at 1 :D)