Bypass the need for authentication/payment on wifi hotspots
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 This code will allow one to bypass the required logins or payements in wifi hotspots provided that there are people around that are logged in/paying
 It is by no means fool proof and your mileage may very
 More of a proof of concept

(try to manually disconnect and reconnect to network after every mac address change for best results)

first thing is to find your ip domain. i.e. 192.168.1.* 

once we have that we launch an nmap ping of every address withing that subdomain

while the ping is running we listen into the arp table. The network should give us the mac address of the nearby computers, even if they never respond to our ping request.

Arp table building takes a while (it took me 8 minutes at an undisclosed location)

we bring the interface down, we change the mac address bring it up and verify 
the adress has changed

Then we hold on for a bit and ask the user if he is connected.