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Python script that listens for web site changes and texts you when it finds a change!
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Simple python script to monitor changes for a webpage!

Tired of always being the last to know about something (SLOWPOKE) Well this is for you! (as long as you know what you want to look for)

It works by pulling the page, hashing it and comparing the hash with an original hash

pygooglevoice - python wrapper for google voice
cron - if you want it to check every so often

run to fetch the original hash of the page

copy the original hash into the originalPageHash variable in

copy the url of the webpage (along with http://) to the pageToCheck variable in

save an array of phone numbers to text when the page changes

fill in the details of the .gvoice file and move it to your directory

run the script on a cron job ( 0,30 * * * * python /location/to/ )


This script was made for the hp touchpad page, LOL!
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