Core Data and iCloud made nimble and fast
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Core Data (and iCloud) made nimble and fast.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Unfortunately I don't have the time to actively maintain this framework anymore. If you have a problem or would like to add a new feature, please open a pull request and I'll consider merging it.


The answer is quite easy. I needed a Core Data wrapper with these features:

  • Easy setup and finders (anyone said MagicalRecord?)
  • Simple architecture with a main and a background context. A lot has been written about how much faster are 2 context rather than parent+children. Read here and here if you're interested
  • iOS 7 and iCloud ready (but still compatible)


CocoaPods makes our lifes easy :)

pod "Nimble-CoreData"

and then import Nimble.h into your prefix file.

How it works

First, set up the local or cloud store based on what you need

[NimbleStore nb_setupStore:&error];
// OR
[NimbleStore nb_setup_iCloudStore:&error]

The iCloud set up, thanks to iOS 7's API is natively completely asynchronous and a local store is created ready to use waiting for the iCloud's one.
At this moment, iCloud is available for iOS 7 only as it is not good enough in iOS 6.


Easily save in main or background thread, everything is then merged into the main context

[NimbleStore nb_saveInBackground:^(NBContextType contextType) {
  Book *book = [Book nb_createInContextOfType:contextType]; = @"Best book ever";


You can create a new object with

[YourModelObject nb_createInContextOfType:NBMainContext];

to create an object and in the same time initialize some of its property, you can just use

[YourModelObject nb_createInContextOfType:NBMainContext initializingPropertiesWithDictionary:@{
    @"name" : @"Marco" ,
    @"surname" : @"Sero"

Finders and fetchers

You can find all type of finders and fetchers in NSManagedObject+Finders.h

For example, to fetch and change an object in background you can just do:

[NimbleStore nb_saveInBackground:^(NBContextType contextType) {
  Book *book = [Book nb_findFirstInContext:contextType]; = @"updated name";


It just needs some love from you guys as it has never been tested on a real app. After that, here's my list:

  • more tests & documentation
  • iCloud sync issues handler
  • compile time switch to use everything without the nb_ prefix
  • data importers


Marco Sero


Nimble is available under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE.