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Philips Hue Python API

How to use

Create an instance of your bridge

mybridge = Bridge()

Attempt to find your bridge


If no bridge is found, we can alternatively do this


If we already have a user on the bridge, we set it like this

mybridge.user = "newdeveloper"

If we dont have a user setup, we can create on like this, it will automatically use it after creation


Gather all lights from your bridge


Now we can cycle through them all like this

for light in mybridge.lights:
    Turns this light on
    light.intensity = 1.0
    light.IsOn = True

To slowly dim a light, you could do this

for i in range(0,10):
    light.intensity += 0.1

Change the color of a light to red

light.color = (255,0,0)

You can also set them with predefined lights

light.color = light.colors["green"]

To get a list of predefined colors do this

print light.colors

To play an alert on a light just do this


Cycles through all the colors

light.loop = True