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How do I change the auto-hide duration for auto-threads?

Set the auto-hide duration on the parent channel in Discord's channel settings:

The auto-hide duration field in Discord's channel settings

How do message variables work?

Message variables are special keywords that will be replaced by Needle with a value of your choosing (see available message variables below). You can use message variables in every configurable Needle text, for example

  • In a custom title
  • In the reply message
  • In the buttons text
  • ... and so on

The variable will be replaced with information that is relative to who, where, and when an action was performed. For example, if you close a thread, the $USER_NAME variable will be a reference to the user that closed the thread, and the $CHANNEL_NAME will be a reference to the channel that the command was sent in (the thread).

What message variables are available?

Example values are in parentheses. Please note that discriminators are going away which means we will be removing the TAG variables in a future update.

  • $CHANNEL_MENTION — The channel mention (#channel-name)
  • $CHANNEL_NAME — The channel name (channel-name)
  • $DATE_UTC — The current date in the UTC time zone (2022-08-31)
  • $THREAD_MENTION — The thread mention (#thread-name)
  • $THREAD_NAME — The thread name (thread-name)
  • $THREAD_AUTHOR_MENTION — The thread author mention (@user)
  • $THREAD_AUTHOR_NICKNAME — The thread author's nickname, or username as fallback (Marcus (LeMorrow))
  • $THREAD_AUTHOR_NAME — The thread author's username (LeMorrow)
  • $THREAD_AUTHOR_TAG — The thread author's Discord tag (LeMorrow#5490) (deprecated)
  • $TIME_AGO — An always up to date timestamp for how long ago the action was performed (3 minutes ago)
  • $USER_MENTION — The user mention (@user)
  • $USER_NICKNAME — The user's nickname, or username as fallback (Marcus (LeMorrow))
  • $USER_NAME — The user's username (LeMorrow)
  • $USER_TAG — The user's Discord tag ( LeMorrow#5490) (deprecated)

Who can use Needle's commands?

Needle's permission restrictions are only the defaults. You can configure it by changing the slash command permissions in your Discord server settings for any given command. Commands that have a button alternative (/close and /title) are also affected by the permission overrides. If you have the Administrator permission you can invoke all commands.

/close, /title

  • Users that sent the message that got auto-threaded ("thread authors")
  • Users with the Manage threads permission

/auto-thread, /factory-reset, /setting

  • Users with the Manage threads permission

/help, /info

  • Everyone (the output of these commands are only visible to the user that sent the command)

What do the emojis mean in the commands?

  • 🔥 = popular
  • 🆕 = added with the latest release
  • ❗ = potentially dangerous, use if you understand the risks

How are the different /settings used?

Error messages

Only the user that the receives the error will be able to see it.

  • ErrorUnknown — When an unexpected error (bug) occurs in Needle
  • ErrorOnlyInThread — When a user tries to use a thread-only command outside a thread
    • e.g. User tries to do /close outside a thread
  • ErrorNoEffect — When a user uses a command in a way that will have no effect
    • e.g. User tries to /factory-reset but the bot is already on factory settings
    • e.g. User tries to change the reply message to its current value
  • ErrorInsufficientUserPerms — When a user tries to do something they don't have permission to do
    • e.g. User tries to /close someone else's thread without sufficient permission
  • ErrorInsufficientBotPerms — When the bot doesn't have permissions to do what it is being told to do
    • e.g. Bot tries to /close a thread it didn't create, and is also missing the Manage Threads permission
  • ErrorMaxThreadRenames — When the bot hits the thread rename limit for a thread (2 renames per 10 minutes)
    • e.g. User tries to /title the thread three times in 10 minutes

Success messages

These messages are sent inside the threads they belong to, and are visible to everyone.

  • SuccessThreadCreated — When a thread is created by Needle (unless overriden by /auto-thread reply-message).
  • SuccessThreadArchived — When a thread is archived by Needle
    • e.g. User sends the /close command or presses the /close button and they had sufficient permissions


The emojis are used with the status reaction feature, which can be enabled with /auto-thread status-reactions. It is disabled by default.

  • EmojiUnanswered — The emoji used when a thread has not received a message by anyone other than the bot and the thread author. This is applied when every new thread is started.
  • EmojiArchived — The emoji used when a thread has been archived with the /close command or button.
  • EmojiLocked — The emoji used when a thread is locked.