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See for documentation on this version and all changes.
11.1.3: Fix regression on pre android 13 devices.
11.1.2: Fix regression when reverting to original relation members in the PropertyEditor.
11.1.1: Updated translations, presets and imagery, geo url and sharing position improvements, fixes for TransactionTooLargeException in PropertyEditor, a few other bug fixes.
11.1.0: Upload dialog improvements, various stability improvements, fix imagery date sorting regression, documentation and translation improvements. Updated translations and imagery. Fix GeoJSON properties dialog width in landscape mode, use default max zoom 22 for WMS sources, add text keys with no values to auto suggest, merge tasks (Notes) on download and complain about conflicts, add configuration support for HTTP headers indicating invalid tiles.
11.1.0-3: Fix crash sorting background layers on some devices.
11.1.0-2: Catch exception reading old format tag clipboard file, improvements auto-presets.
11.1.0-1: Re-factored internal preset field representation, support for tri-state check fields and checkgroups, improved keyboard support, improved tag copy and paste, improved free form window support, Samsung DeX support, lots of bug fixes.
11.0.2: Update imagery and translations, add maxspeeds to geocontext for PT and CZ, update OH Fragment, protect against crash when layouting empty preset views, fix regression restoring state in PropertyEditor, try to avoid crash with null Context in PresetSearch, add conveying and priority to direction dependent keys.
11.0.1: Update imagery and translations, always add all Relations to context menu, fix crash when adding speed values in the "Details" tab, use https for ACRA, improve imagery sources sorting, check nodes tags when deleting way.
11.0.0: Update imagery, translations, synonyms and default preset, workaround crash when displaying preset search results and switching applications.
11.0.0-10 Update OH fragment, update translations.
11.0.0-9: Fix regression in preset search, make PresetFilter work with object keys defined in preset, add link to element on in info dialog and other improvements, fix highlighting of selected PresetElement when preset filter is active, make Task upload async, nicer icons for auto-presets, fix crash in Advanced Prefs on 2.6 devices, use https URLs as default, updated presets, imagery and translations. Fix another preset display issue related to google issue 37003658, debounce preset search, upload single tasks in background, update preset and translations.
11.0.0-7: Fix theme related crash in debug screen and licence viewer, another fix when showing immersive dialogs, more RTL improvements, add privacy statement.
11.0.0-6: Fix undo regression, support RTL layout (not released)
11.0.0-5: Fix crash when trying to upload on pre-Android 6.0 devices, fix crash when setting a maxspeed if no country entry available, fix various other small issues, compare relation membership in element information dialog.
11.0.0-4: Improved geo-location of edits and some support for country specific tag values, improved preset matching, support use of on device text/spelling suggestions when possible, numerous bug fixes.
11.0.0-3: Fix crashes in PropertyEditor (preset search and icons in combos/multiselects), documentation updates, update OH Fragment and support mixed value tags.
11.0.0-2: show progress spinner during preset search, shorten taginfo timeouts, fix regression in onResume, make boxpicker title settable, update presets and translations.
11.0.0-1: layer control, support for GeoJSON layers, re-arranged Preferences with support for help pages, review changes before upload, undo/redo of individual checkpoints, support for icons in preset combos and multi-selects, support for generating presets from taginfo, numerous stability improvements and bug fixes.
10.2.1: Improve behaviour in full screen mode, shorten timeouts when retrieving tiles, update translations, some stability improvements, update translations.
10.2.0: Further small bug fixes, update preset and translations.
10.2.0-4: Update OH fragment, wrap tags in upload dialog in a ScrollView, widen conditional restrictions editor.
10.2.0-3: Improve messaging when tile DB is not usable.
10.2.0-2: Protect against NPE when no track is available.
10.2.0-1: Re-factor networking code to use OkHttp, support network location providers, support EPSG:4326 WMS servers, update OH fragment, fix wrong status after uploading multiple OSMOSE bugs, split upload dialog in to two pages, update preset, imagery and translations.
10.1.0: Support redirects to https when downloading presets, update translations, update imagery, update release notes.
10.1.0-10: Support MBTiles 1.3 minzoom and maxzoom values, update translations.
10.1.0-9: Fix regression when adding manually entered layers.
10.1.0-8: Update imagery, minimal protection again broken URLS in custom imagery.
10.1.0-7: Fix dialog layouts, add way to delete a custom imagery layer.
10.1.0-6: Some fixes for pre-Honeycomb devices, allow deleting of waypoints, updated translations.
10.1.0-5: Workaround sub-menu Android bug on tablets running Android 7.0 and later, fix issue with layer ordering on date, add goto 1st waypoint method.
10.1.0-4: Add button to save imagery and use it, fix layer list refresh after adding OAM layer, update translations, imagery and presets.
10.1.0-3: Fix SQL error that was causing far too many coverage records to be returned.
10.1.0-2: Numerous bug fixes, support OAM layers, update translations, update ACRA.
10.1.0-1: Support MBTiles as layers, support better local storage of imagery offsets, if there is already a value for name don't use name suggestions, store tile server conf. in database and improvements tile rendering, switch to using geojosn version of imagery index, support logos in attribution for normal imagery index entries, support for WMS servers with EPSG:3857 / EPSG:900913 support, add support for geographical context, add support for GPX way points, reduce the number of node halos at lower zoom levels, add a dialog to handle empty relations
10.0.5; Downgrade support library version to fix, update presets.
10.0.4: Fix overzoom for missing tiles not working, improve behaviour when no network connectivity is present.
10.0.3: Protect against crashes due to bad preset entries, improvements software keys detection, upgrade ACRA and support libraries, upgrade OH fragment, protect against null messages when logging.
10.0.2: Improve behaviour of controls when oauth fails, update translations, use the correct GPS icon when in full screen mode. fix regression wrt deprecated items being added to search index via synonyms, use simplified icon for notifications, fix numerous full screen issues.
10.0.1: Fix regression when splitting closed ways, updated translations.
10.0.0: Change numbering scheme, fix issue with wrong pref keys for osmose and offset servers, follow GPS button improvements.
1328: Support for using patterns for way rendering, added styling for natural=cliff, natural=coastline and man_made=embankment, styling for cycleways and living streets.
1326: Fix crash when sorting Relations with duplicate entries, added support for opening_hours in conditional restrictions, some menu wording changes.
1325: Fix crash on empty re-survey and check lists, added support for value_type and object_keys attributes in presets, updated OH fragment.
1324: Update NumberPickerPreference
1322: Fix background for the dark theme in the relation membership display, refactor numeric preferences, add support for custom tasks.
1320: Avoid potential runtime crash on older Android versions.
1318: Update imagery, fix inconsistencies in default preferences, improve tile loading behaviour when zooming.
1316: Add support for using synonyms for preset searching, make search icon clickable in preset search, update OH UI.
1315: Add support for regexps in resurvey entries, layout improvements, update preset and translations.
1314: Add support for i18n attribute in presets, update documentation, presets and translations.
1313: Provide a dropdown for mode selection instead of cycling on long press.
1312: Protect against looping on diff upload issues, updated translations.
1310: Fix a handful of issues with PresetFilters, apply Preset automatically to new objects.
1309: Improved label rendering, removed special highway name check.
1308: Prepare for first beta of 0.9.10, refactored validation, C-Mode, update preset.
1307: Update preset and translations, improve preset matching by support match="keyvalue" and the rest of the possible values for fixed keys.
1306: Update preset, update translations, fix issue which caused node icons to vanish when copy/pasting tags between nodes and areas.
1305: Update preset.
1304: Update preset, fix UI glitch when applying presets.
1303: Update OpeningHoursFragment, presets, imagery and translations.
1302: Don't dismiss SearchForm except if a result has been chosen. update OpeningHoursFragment, show an error toast when preset creation fails, fix issue with Node creation when a filter is applied, any xmas:feature to important tags :-), fix regression when matching addr: tags, update preset, update translations.
1301: Fix issue with previous tile caches that are not writable, fix logic for permission requests, various stability issue fixes, inherit level status from relations properly in indoor mode, change spinner message when downloading, updated translations.
1300: Update OpeningHoursFragment (fixes numerous smaller issues), update presets and translations, avoid a serialisation crash, improve note conflict handling.
1299: Update OpeningHoursFragment, don't produce crash dump when deleting tiles when tile database is already closed.
1298: Update OpeningHoursFragment, more fixes to OAuth UI code.
1297: Explicitly add utility preset items to MRU (regression), update presets and imagery.
1296: Updated preset, update imagery, bump version number.
1295: Updated imagery, OpeningHoursFragment, bump build number and change to release.
1294: Fix relation version number corruption, inconsistent backlinks after conflict resolution, updated presets and name suggestion index. Bump android version number.
1293: Fix various photo display related issues, update documentation and translations.
1292: Fix issue with chunks in optional preset sections, update presets, translations and opening hours fragment.
1289: Update presets (with lane preset typo fix), documentation improvements.
1288: Enforce maximum length of tags, fix missing backlink for relations, always use dialogs for opening_hours and conditional access, various minor bug fixes and updated presets and translations.
1286: Bump version numbers to make the play store happy.
1282: Improve way reversing code and fix an issue with it, fix problems with lane presets, and a section on areas to documentation.
1281: Increase android version number, updated imagery and translations, avoid loop when applying presets.
1278: Add help for the opening hours editor, update translations.
1277: Update documentation and translations, add presets to most recently used list when added manually. add translated help topics to help browser.
1276: Add collection_times to tags with opening_hours semantics, sort and reverse order of relation members.
1275: Update OH Fragment, add reset address prediction to tools menu.
1274: Fix NPE in address prediction, sort address tags in form.
1273: Updated OF fragment, address prediction improvements.
1272: Updated OH fragment, add warning when trying to add nodes with GPS derived location at Null Island.
1271: Various small action mode improvements, updated OH fragment, make casing width dynamic when rendering ways.
1270: Initial opening hours editing integration.
1269: Updated preset, support for OSM object timestamps, generate warnings objects potentially out of date and initial support for "check_date" tag
1268: Updated preset and translations, bump build number.
1266: Updated imagery. Disable double clicking when locked.
1264: Update imagery, presets and translations, lots of robustness fixes, support start/end date in the imagery config. Fix performance regression in PresetFilter mode.
1261: Fix regression when adding tags to a new element.
1259: Fix crash in the PropertyEditor in pane mode, some correctness fixes based on SonarQube.
1257: Add sharing of current map position or selected object, and reading and savign of scripts, fix regressions wrt taking photographs and menu updates.
1256: Download tasks not just data when we get a geo: uri, some small performance improvements.
1255: Add preset based filtering;
1254: Improve layout of Task/Note dialog, fix issue in form editor where linked presets without fixed tags were not being handled correctly.
1253: Make original tags available to scripts in presets, updated presets and translations, correctness fixes, bump android version number.
1250: Performance improvements, workaround bing reporting wrong max zooms.
1249: Moved most messages to snackbars, persist last chosen directory in the file selectors, improve visibility of crosshairs, lots of refactoring.
1247: Support for 'deprecated' and 'javascript' properties in presets, basic scripting support, fix another regression in multi-select value splitting, improve element description.
1245: Fix regression in handling multi-select values, testing improvements.
1244: EasyEdit consistency improvements, bug fixes and more test coverage.
1243: Improved JOSM style remote control, added some documentation on supported Intents.
1239: Update default preset, imagery and translations, fix regression wrt discarding useless tags, fix various smaller issues.
1237: Improved functionality for tag filter, fixed issues with tag filter UI.
1236: Fix regression disabling tag only mode, add some initial filter tests-
1235: Build against Android N, API 24, fix OAuth with API instances on systems using SNI, improve test coverage, better messaging in case of API errors, fix various issues with the tag filter UI and add some documentation, robustness fixes.
1231: Add button on the debug screen to force send a crash dump.
1230: Fix various issues with selecting the preset button in way creation mode.
1229: Updated imagery, auto-split changesets that are too large, minor bug fixes.
1227: Updated presets, translations and imagery, minor bug fixes.
1225: Lots of internal clean up, partially validate API URLs, documentation updates, change header color in the property editor light theme.
1224: Fix life cycle issues in PropertyEditor, potential fix for issue when data is not loaded.
1223: Fix regression with long press when screen is locked, another attempt at trying to make the element info dialog look right.
1222: Fix issue with new installs, moved code to standard android layout.
1221: Add support for multiple geocoders, currently supported APIs: Nominatim and Photon, code cleanup.
1220: Increase version to 0.9.9, updated translations and release notes, remove sv-SE (just use sv), add filter facility, and indoor mode, add tag based filtering, fix numerous small issues, change way geometry improvement handles work.
1216: Fix issue with determining the tile storage location on some devices without removable storage.
1214: Update default preset, imagery and translations, fix various smaller bugs.
1211: Update default preset and translations, try to improve debugging for tile cache problems and numerous robustness fixes.
1208: Update default preset and translations.
1206: improve entering of website tags, some UI cleanup, catch weird error when opening tile database on some devices, numerous small bug fixes, updated translations
1205: deselect elements when finishing multi-select mode (regression), protect against SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException not being caught. Changes for F-Droid.
1204: fix broken default preset, protect against crash if linked preset is missing.
1203: fix more crashes, calculate rough centroid of relations if possible.
1202: update default preset, increase number of lines for very long (German) key descriptions, fix some crashes.
1201: update ids correctly after reading an .osm file. Fix Samsung 4.3 specific issue!topic/android-developers/U3N9eL5BcJk
1200: fix post-release issues with documentation, UI and NPE in tag form, version and build number bump.
1199: small bug fixes and documentation updates, change version to reflect release.
1198: fix regression wrt deleting, copying and cutting tags in the form UI
1197: use back key a bit more consistently, re-fix element info layout, fix regression wrt displaying object history, disable property editor layout changes when restarting, correctly use values_context and don't sort check values
1196: order tags in form as they are in the preset and group i18n name tags.
1194: correctly add newly created elements to API storage when reading a JOSM style file.
1193: refactoring, save follow GPS state over pause - resume cycles, documentation updates.
1192: add support for editing conditional restrictions in the form tag editor and presets.
1191: bump android version, updated translations, fix pre-Honeycomb use of system clipboard, use normal dialog for progress display, automatically add no https API entry and catch SSL errors better, handle Android 23 permissions better, remove duplicate nodes when merging.
1190: bump android version
1188: fix ordering issues with diffs, fix crash when adding relation to a relation, allow selection of one level of parent relations of relations in UI.
1186: switch to uploading OsmChange diffs, various small bug fixes and improved conflict handling, updated translations.
1185: explicitly set created_by when updating changeset.
1184: fix double relation creation if no further members are added.
1182: updated default preset and translations.
1180: workaround for issue with onFocusChange listeners being called when fragment views are destroyed, numerous build improvements.
1178: changes for building with buildship, export of Notes in OSN format, better file picker for saving and reading files, search button added to "Find" dialog
1176: fix regression caused by 1174, preserve history better when merging nodes and ways.
1174: add support for read-only API (experimental) and bug fixes.
1172: add splash screen on startup and make dimming non-downloaded areas a pref.
1170: add literal substring matching to preset search
1168: various small internal changes, handle match=”none” the same as “key for building the form display.
1166: updated preset.
1164: force show keyboard and dropdown when adding with name suggestions.
1162: protect against broken NMEA sentences, update presets.
1160: better support for language specific name tags.
1158: sort combo and multi-select values correctly.
1156: properly quote delimiter character in multi-selects, updated preset and translations.
1154: fix regression when displaying multiple values in a multi-select in the form UI, try to make hiding the navbar more reliable, updated preset.
1152: add a label to nodes without an icon, if icons are turned off, all nodes will get a label, Delete, copy, cut and paste of tags in form UI. Fix issue with box picker when nothing was downloaded.
1150: fix issue with preset search that stopped all results being shown, updated presets and translations.
1148: made name suggestions work better with the form UI
1146: bumped Android version number
1142: minor bug fixes and improvements.
1142: fix error in way bounding box calculation and add zoom to selection function.
1140: fix crash in NotificationCache, disable geometry improvement handles when a relation is selected, fix clipboard related crash on pre-Honeycomb devices.
1138: display house numbers on building centroids, adjustable auto-lock feature (default 60s), limit number of alerts/notifications per class (default 5), make upload dialog comment and source fields full width, bug fixes.
1132: make preset applied to otherwise empty set of tags or unknown ones the one used for autocomplete values.
1130: fix undo button behavior on long presses,
1128: improved turn-restriction adding that doesn’t require ways to be pre-split. Make high-lighting more visible when only a subset of the elements can be selected. Fixes for relation handling, specifically uno issues for newly created relations.
1126: use dialogs for large combos and multiselects in the TagFormEditor, make tags not associated with a preset editable, some UI fine tuning. More preset fixes. Tiles now stored in database and no longer in a directory hierarchy, try to located that outside of internal phone memory. Preferences available in most action modes.
1124: replace ActionBarSherlock with google AppCompat, related UI rework and restyling. Use on-screen button for “follow GPS” function. In “locked” mode the indication of downloaded areas is removed.
1118: various fixes and improvements imagery alignment mode, Swedish translation.
1117: fix issue with MRU preset display not updating in form fragment.
1116: fixed an issue that could cause a crash when editing street names, updated presets and translations.
1113: dismiss dropdown when hiding keyboard
1112: small improvements address prediction, retain the 10 last changeset comment and source strings, fix issue with post PropertyEditor call selection of objects.
1110: protect against NPE when checking for role conflicts when merging.
1108: fix last edit in text field not being saved in the property editor on older Android versions.
1107: fix crash on restarting if GPS tracking was still running.
1106: bug fixes: API selection dialog not working, issue with new elements and hashmap.
1105: Refactored tag reversing code, support reversing tags of way nodes, various small bug fixes.
1103: Fix for ordering problems of preset values.
1102: Update preset and fix issue with preset multiselects that have descriptions.
1101: Updated preset and translations, add newline to GPX export, various small bug fixes. Display small multiselect presets with checkboxes.
1098: Preset and translation updates, relation element downloads, display of rings in relation member display.
1095: Preset fixes, improvements in relation editing, bug fixes, numerous performance improvements.
1090: Focus on first empty value in form if possible, some further preset handling improvements.
1089: Commit UI blasphemy and make radio button de-selectable by touch on selected button, fix issue with value sync Editor->Form.
1088: New preset-driven form based tag editing and better preset matching. Updated preset.
1086: Updated default preset, enable C&P in some dialogs.
1084: Fix hardwiring of German language for OSMOSE bugs.
1082: Prioritize icons over house number display, show POI icons on buildings.
1080: Flatten menus for pre-Android 11.
1078: Fix issue with photo index/layer.
1077: Don’t enable follow GPS in “goto GPS position”.
1076: Bug fixes (0.9.7 change log), use R-Tree for selecting photos for photo layer, support for semicolon separated lists in tag editor.
1075: Fix serialisation problem in preset code.
1074: Protect against race condition when appending node to way.
1073: Fixed a small number of minor issues and a crash in the PropertyEditor.
1070: Fixed crash if language set to Turkish, wrapping hint in PropertyEditor for pre-3.0 devices, spurious display of BoxPicker on restart.
1069: more preset improvements, updated version numbers for release.
1068: fixed an UI regression in tag editing on pre android 11 devices, improved presets for car and motorcycle dealers.
1067: Documentation and help file improvements, preset translations, improved tag editing mode behaviour.
1066: Documentation and help file improvements, updated name suggestions.
1065: Various bug fixes and stability improvements, update default preset and updated imagery index.
1063: exit locked mode properly when selecting an element from the OSMOSE bug display, fix for issue with no button being shown for preset items with no “icon” attribute.
1062: code refactoring, some work on documentation.
1060: don’t show geometry improvement handles when they can’t be used.
1059: improved preset translation handling and updated preset.
1058: improved preset handling and object descriptions.
1057: bug fixes, translation updates, improvements experimental voice support.
1056: bug fixes, allow deletion of newly created, but not uploaded, Notes.
1055: bug fixes, some map style refinements, removed likely unused styles.
1054: updated translations, improved preset search for presets with translations, added OAuth related functions to tools menu.
1053: moved debugging information to its own page, some improvements address prediction.
1052: bug fixes, provide autocomplete for fixed tags in the tag editor and change relevant preset if fixed tags are changed.
1050: bug fixes, properly display tag-only mode icon after resume, fallback to backup copy of state file if reading the current one fails.
1048: handle route forward/backward roles when reversing ways, improvements NMEA processing and re-enable auto download when using NMEA input.
1046: show add address tags button for entrance nodes without a house number.
1045: don't display icons and house numbers for lower zoom levels, add missing invalidate after moving to coordinates found from nominatim.
1044: bug fixes, reworked preset code to include descriptions and similar.
1043: updated default preset and translations, the “Apply Prest” button in the “TagEditor” now applies optional tags too.
1042: updated default preset, bug fixes.
1041: fix crash in Android 2.x, bug fixes, updated and additional translations.
1040: only ask to enable GPS once per activity life cycle and allow user to turn that off in the advanced preferences.
1039: Refactoring of address prediction code (at least a bit), added preference to turn on/off voice commands.
1038: updated translations, some bug fixes.
1036: disable menu entries that are dependent on network connectivity when no network available.
1035: usability improvements Bug/Notes form, defaults changed.
1034: some clean up of preset and name search code, re-enabled voice commands.
1033: commented out the main menu voice item for now.
1032: rearranged menus a bit, better support for non-GPS devices, fixed some issues with initial bounding box, translation updates.
1031: fix for bug status not updating after edit.
1030: Saving state is now done asynchronously which should address performance problems when starting the PropertyEditor.
1029: Fix issue with not showing current position when returning from /paused/stopped state. Removed old editing modes completely at last.
1028: Removed some code that provided backwards compatibility with Android 5! Save and restore actual viewbox in editing state.
1027: bug fix from master (race condition protection)
1025: handle missing/revoked permissions for storage better.
1024: bug fix from master.
1023: Added slightly makeshift imperial units scale/grid.
1022: Grid/scale display.
1021: Improved keyboard support.
1020: Preset search, voice support in new mode.
1018: more work on i8n.
1017: Translated presets and bug fixes.
1015: Filters for Bugs and other improvements.
1012: bug fixes from master
1010: improvements on notifications and Osmose bug display
1007: apply fix from master for misbehaving HW acceleration.
1005: 1st version of refactored “Bug” support. Fixes from master.
1001: bugs fixes auto-download. Made max download speed configurable.
1000: better support for JOSM style remote control (used in notifications).
999: Lots of changes to improve memory footprint and efficiency when loading/saving state files. Moved auto-download to TrackerService and made generating Alerts/Notifications slightly more direction production ready.
998: make list of address tags used for prediction and suggestions configurable.