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Repocribro is web application allowing users to register their GitHub repository so they can be managed, searched, browsed, tested, etc. (depends on used extensions) with the site. Main idea is to provide simple but powerful modular tool for building groups of GitHub repositories which are developed by different users and organizations.

Cribro means sieve in Italian language (origins in Latin word cribrum). This project provides tool for intelligent sifting repositories, information about them and its contents.

Typical use cases of Repocribro:

  • Community - repositories hub of examples / projects related to the community (methodology, standards, ...)
  • Courses - gathering and evaluating homeworks

Installation and usage

Installation is done via standard way by setup.py file, alternatively you can install by pip but there are just major releases and bugfixed versions. You need to have Python 3.5+ (tested with 3.5 and 3.6), all dependencies will be installed automatically.

$ python setup.py install
$ repocribro --version
$ repocribro --help

You can also setup virtual Python environment before installation:

$ python -venv env
$ . env/bin/activate
(env) $ python3 setup.py install

For running the application you will need to set up the configuration with GitHub client ID and secret, security keys, database and so on.

For details please visit repocribro.readthedocs.io.

Bugs, ideas, extensions and experience

If you find any bug, get any idea or have any experience with Repocribro - let us know via issues@GitHub. Repocribro is extensible, if you are developing any extension or have an idea for some new extension, let us know via issues@GitHub too. Please use a corresponding label.

For details please visit repocribro.readthedocs.io and wiki@GitHub.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for more details.