Acknowledgements & License

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This app uses the “Companion” web API that Frontier originally supplied for their Elite Dangerous iOS app and now support for third-party apps. However this API could go away at some time in the future - in which case this app will cease to work.


  • “Elite: Dangerous” is © 1984 - 2016 Frontier Developments plc.
  • Thanks to Cmdrs CatfoodCZ, Mike Stix & DaraCZ for the Czech translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr CoolBreeze for the Dutch translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr Anthor for the French translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr DragoCubX for keeping the German translation up to date.
  • Thanks to Cmdr Koreldan for the Italian translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr magni1200s for the Japanese translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr bubis7 for the Latvian translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr Amarok 73 for the Polish translation.
  • Thanks to Shadow Panther for keeping the Russian translation up to date.
  • Thanks to Armando Ota for the Slovenian translation.
  • Thanks to Cmdr Mila Strelok for the Spanish translation.
  • Thanks to Taras Velychko for the Ukranian translation.
  • Thanks to James Muscat for EDDN and to Cmdr Anthor for the stats.
  • Thanks to Andargor for the idea of using the “Companion” interface in edce-client.
  • Uses Sparkle by Andy Matuschak and the Sparkle Project.
  • Uses WinSparkle by Václav Slavík.
  • Uses OneSky for translation management.


Copyright © 2015-2016 Jonathan Harris.

Licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.