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Shipyard data not reported

The Frontier server that supplies the data to this app sometimes fails to supply shipyard data. Visit the shipyard in-game and try “Updating” again.

This problem is tracked as Issue #86.

Rares profits wiped out

Due to a bug in the server that supplies the data to this app, profit on any Rare cargo in your hold may be wiped out when you visit the in-game Commodity Market after having “Updated”.

If you're trading Rares turn off the “Automatically update on docking” setting and ensure that you visit the in-game Commodity Market at a station where you intend to sell Rares before hitting “Update”.

This problem is tracked as Issue #92.

Doesn't auto-update or track Systems visited

This app uses Elite: Dangerous' “journal” files to track the systems and stations that you visit. If you're running this app on a different machine from the Elite: Dangerous game, or if you find that this app isn't automatically tracking the systems that you visit and/or isn't automatically “updating” on docking (if you have that option selected), then adjust the “E:D journal file location” setting on the Configuration tab to point to the game's journal files.

Error: Wrong Cmdr

The Frontier server that supplies data to this app is supplying data for a different Cmdr than the one that you're currently playing. Either:

  1. You have multiple accounts and the username/password setting is not for the account that you're currently playing; or
  2. You have reset your Cmdr but Frontier's server is still supplying data for the old Cmdr.

If 1 check your username/password settings.

If 2 this problem may or may not resolve itself in time.

This problem is tracked as Issue #165.

Error: Can't connect to EDDN

EDMC needs to talk to on port 8080. If you consistently receive this error check that your router or VPN configuration allows port 8080 / tcp outbound.

Import failed: No ship loadout found

Complex ship loadouts with Engineers' mods can cause you to hit an Internet Explorer / Edge limitation on the length of URLs. Switch to a browser that doesn't suck.