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Wall-hanging polargraph robot that draws murals
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##### Makelangelo #####

A mural drawing robot and a gentle introduction to 3D printing.

Makelangelo is a polargraph mural drawing robot.  It is intended to teach students about programming, physics, trigonometry, and electronics in a fun, goal-oriented way.  Makelangelo is scalable: our test models have ranged from 30cm^2 to 300cm^2.

This project specifically deals with the GUI: the computer program that makes running the robot friendly and easy.  It pairs really well with Makelangelo-firmware, the code in the brain of the robot that receives instructions and moves the motors.

For developers, please see

For everything else, please visit the forums at

## Show support ##

Did this program help you?  Like Open Source software?  Want to show support?
Donate what you can to help speed up development at
Thank you!

## Special thanks ##

Makelangelo is derived from the work of Paul Fisher.  It is largely inspired by "Hektor": by Jürg Lehni and Uli Franke.
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