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Makelangelo Software

Makelangelo Software is a Java program that prepares art for CNC plotters. It is especially designed for the Makelangelo Robot.

It pairs really well with Marlin 3D printer firmware, the code in the brain of the robot that receives instructions and moves the motors.



Where to go from here

On your own Reading our friendly manuals. Pictures and arrows and everything.

Together and join our Discord group


  • Setup Marlin 3D printer firmware with the help of the documentation
  • Install "Makelangelo Software" on your computer to control the robot
    1. Install The latest OpenJDK (java software)
    2. Grab a nightly build and run it directly or Install Makelangelo Software App from the source

Then you should be able to run the application.

1. Install The latest OpenJDK

Get the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK). The minimum required version 17.

2. Grab a nightly build

Download a nightly build corresponding to the latest commit from master. Depending on your OS, double clic on the file starting with makelangelo-nightly- or run the following command:

java -jar makelangelo-nightly-XXXXX.jar

🎉 Application should now launch.

2 bis. Install Makelangelo Software App from the source

2 options are available for building the application:

  • with Eclipse: fully graphical but long
  • with Maven in a console: fast and reliable

Eclipse IDE building

  • Go to Eclipse website:, choose "Eclipse IDE for Java developers" and install the latest version.
  • Launch "Eclipse IDE" when done and go to File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects > Next > (folder from previous step) > Finish
  • If you see the "Welcome!" tab, close it.
  • select Run > Debug As > Java Application
  • select "Makelangelo - com.marginallyclever.makelangelo" and click OK. (It should be the top of the list)
  • Wait while the progress bar in the bottom right fills up. This is a one time thing while it installs other dependencies and packages and puts everything together.
  • "Errors exist...Proceed with launch?" Select Proceed.

🎉 Application should now launch.

Console building

  • Open a terminal emulator (cmd on Windows, Terminal on macOS or GNU/Linux) in the extracted folder.
  • Build the application with mvnw (the first time, it downloads a lot of files):
    • ./mvnw clean install -DskipTests on macOS or GNU/Linux
    • mvnw.cmd clean install -DskipTests on Windows
  • in the target/ folder, launch the jar file with a name like : Makelangelo*-with-dependencies.jar
    • double click on it OR
    • in the previously opened console, run java -jar target/Makelangelo*-with-dependencies.jar

🎉 Application should now launch.


When launching the application, set the environnement variable DEV to true in order to get the application log on the stdout.

Thank you

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Makelangelo is derived from the work of Paul Fisher. It is largely inspired by Hektor by Jürg Lehni and Uli Franke.