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Welcome to CIM 643 wiki!

I will post here all the project's documentation for CIM643 Designing Innovation

Project 1 - Anti Social Network


Assuming the role of a designer, your objective for this assignment is work in small teams to research and analyze existing “social” networks and related products/features and to propose the design of a new system (or new feature to an existing system) to:

  • enhance an existing community;
  • enhance social interactions;
  • create a new community; and/or
  • enhance “how people weave together within communities and wider society as a whole” (CHI 2019 SDC)

Project 1

Project 2 - Human Rights Clinic COURAGE project


For this project, students in CIM 643 were divided into teams of 3-4 students (which will include 1 team member from UM’s School of Law’s COURAGE * in Policing Project) to conduct design thinking and goal directed design - including design research, modeling, design requirements, and prototypes of a design framework - to propose design solutions to further COURAGE’s work to “identify good practices and increase accountability” regarding domestic violence and sexual assault, both in the U.S. and globally. 2 teams will be assigned to look at the issue at the local/domestic level and 3 teams will be focused at looking at the issue from a global perspective to understand how the the needs are both similar but also different.

Project 2

Project 3 - Submitting to Student Design Competition CHI 2019

For this project, students in CIM 643 had the possibility to choose between continue working on Project 1 or Project 2 and develop the required materials to submit the project in the Student Design Competition CHI 2019. In my case, I decided to work on Project 1, thus the dcumentation could be found in the final section of Project 1 or in the following link:

Project 1 - Student Design Competition

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