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Follow up of 68d0500:

Skip test if the server doesn't support session tracking
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9EOR9 committed Mar 2, 2019
1 parent 68d0500 commit 0cc2df4180914473f4494a7244f3bf31747c8efe
Showing with 9 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +9 −0 unittest/libmariadb/connection.c
@@ -1607,6 +1607,15 @@ static int test_conc392(MYSQL *mysql)
int rc;
const char *data;
size_t len;
ulong capabilities= 0;

mariadb_get_infov(mysql, MARIADB_CONNECTION_SERVER_CAPABILITIES, &capabilities);
if (!(capabilities & CLIENT_SESSION_TRACKING))
diag("Server doesn't support session tracking (cap=%lu)", mysql->server_capabilities);
return SKIP;

rc= mysql_query(mysql, "set session_track_state_change=1");
check_mysql_rc(rc, mysql);

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