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Added test for CONC-443

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9EOR9 committed Oct 17, 2019
1 parent a0cbee9 commit 66d449fc99aef2089aec68585da48d26a8143c5b
Showing with 46 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +46 −0 unittest/libmariadb/connection.c
@@ -1684,8 +1684,54 @@ static int test_conc392(MYSQL *mysql)
return OK;

static int test_conc443(MYSQL *my __attribute__((unused)))
my_bool x= 1;
unsigned long thread_id= 0;
char query[128];
MYSQL_RES *result;
int rc;

MYSQL *mysql= mysql_init(NULL);
mysql_options(mysql, MYSQL_INIT_COMMAND, "set @a:=3");
mysql_options(mysql, MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT, &x);

if (!mysql_real_connect(mysql, hostname, username, password, schema, port, socketname, CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS))
diag("Connection failed. Error: %s", mysql_error(mysql));

thread_id= mysql_thread_id(mysql);

sprintf(query, "KILL %lu", thread_id);
rc= mysql_query(mysql, query);


rc= mysql_ping(mysql);
check_mysql_rc(rc, mysql);

rc= mysql_query(mysql, "SELECT @a");
check_mysql_rc(rc, mysql);

FAIL_IF(mysql_thread_id(mysql) == thread_id, "Expected different thread id");

result= mysql_store_result(mysql);
if (!result)
return FAIL;
row= mysql_fetch_row(result);
FAIL_IF(strcmp(row[0],"3"), "Wrong result");


return OK;

struct my_tests_st my_tests[] = {
{"test_conc443", test_conc443, TEST_CONNECTION_NONE, 0, NULL, NULL},
{"test_conc366", test_conc366, TEST_CONNECTION_DEFAULT, 0, NULL, NULL},
{"test_conc392", test_conc392, TEST_CONNECTION_DEFAULT, 0, NULL, NULL},
{"test_conc312", test_conc312, TEST_CONNECTION_DEFAULT, 0, NULL, NULL},

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