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MariaDB Jupyter Kernel

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mariadb_kernel is a an Open Source kernel for Jupyter which enables users to run MariaDB in a Jupyter notebook.

Quick Installation Steps

mariadb_kernel has been packaged for the PyPI package manager, packaging for conda-forge is coming soon.

Assuming you already have Jupyter Lab and MariaDB installed on your system, all you need to do is:

  1. Install the kernel
python3 -m pip install mariadb_kernel
  1. Install the kernelspec so that the kernel becomes visible to JupyterLab
python3 -m mariadb_kernel.install

For a more complete guide on how to install mariadb_kernel, check out our Installation docs

Using the kernel

Using mariadb_kernel is pretty simple, please check our Using the MariaDB Jupyter Kernel docs for some quick tips on how to get started and some links to our example notebooks.


To get started with mariadb_kernel, see the full documentation


Please check the file to see our guidelines for contributing to mariadb_kernel, how to set up a development environment and how to add a new magic command.

Please note this project is still in its very early stages and we expect it to change frequently.