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MW-416 DDL replication moved after acl checking

galera_events test shows a regression with the original fix for MW-416
Reason was that Events::drop_event() can be called also from inside event
execution, and there we have a speacial treatment for event, which executes
"DROP EVENT" statement, and runs TOI replication inside the event processing body.
This resulted in executing WSREP_TO_ISOLATION two times for such DROP EVENT statement.
Fix is to call WSREP_TO_ISOLATION_BEGIN only in Events::drop_event()
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sjaakola authored and janlindstrom committed Oct 6, 2017
1 parent 70c2332 commit 0b5a5258abbeaf8a0c3a18c7e753699787fdf46e
Showing with 22 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +22 −8 sql/
@@ -1472,19 +1472,33 @@ Event_job_data::execute(THD *thd, bool drop)
bool save_tx_read_only= thd->tx_read_only;
thd->tx_read_only= false;

if (WSREP(thd))
This code is processing event execution and does not have client
connection. Here, event execution will now execute a prepared
DROP EVENT statement, but thd->lex->sql_command is set to
DROP EVENT will be logged in binlog, and we have to
replicate it to make all nodes have consistent event definitions
Wsrep DDL replication is triggered inside Events::drop_event(),
and here we need to prepare the THD so that DDL replication is
possible, essentially it requires setting sql_command to
SQLCOMM_DROP_EVENT, we will switch sql_command for the duration
of DDL replication only.
const enum_sql_command sql_command_save= thd->lex->sql_command;
const bool sql_command_set= WSREP(thd);

if (sql_command_set)
thd->lex->sql_command = SQLCOM_DROP_EVENT;

ret= Events::drop_event(thd, dbname, name, FALSE);

if (sql_command_set)
thd->lex->sql_command = sql_command_save;

thd->tx_read_only= save_tx_read_only;
thd->security_ctx->master_access= saved_master_access;

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