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fix clang warnings

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kevgs committed Jul 9, 2019
1 parent 26c389b commit 4f1e4aa2ca29216e7b93e066a065527e3985748b
@@ -1317,7 +1317,7 @@ char *ha_connect::GetRealString(PCSZ s)
char *sv;

if (IsPartitioned() && s && partname && *partname) {
if (IsPartitioned() && s && *partname) {
sv= (char*)PlugSubAlloc(xp->g, NULL, 0);
sprintf(sv, s, partname);
PlugSubAlloc(xp->g, NULL, strlen(sv) + 1);
@@ -407,11 +407,11 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
ha_mroonga(handlerton *hton, TABLE_SHARE *share_arg);
const char *table_type() const; // required
const char *index_type(uint inx);
const char *index_type(uint inx) mrn_override;
const char **bas_ext() const; // required

ulonglong table_flags() const; // required
ulong index_flags(uint idx, uint part, bool all_parts) const; // required
ulonglong table_flags() const mrn_override; // required
ulong index_flags(uint idx, uint part, bool all_parts) const mrn_override; // required

// required
int create(const char *name, TABLE *form, HA_CREATE_INFO *info
@@ -430,40 +430,40 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
int close(); // required
int info(uint flag); // required
int info(uint flag) mrn_override; // required

uint lock_count() const;
uint lock_count() const mrn_override;
THR_LOCK_DATA **store_lock(THD *thd, // required
enum thr_lock_type lock_type);
int external_lock(THD *thd, int lock_type);
enum thr_lock_type lock_type) mrn_override;
int external_lock(THD *thd, int lock_type) mrn_override;

int rnd_init(bool scan); // required
int rnd_end();
int rnd_init(bool scan) mrn_override; // required
int rnd_end() mrn_override;
int rnd_next(uchar *buf); // required
int rnd_pos(uchar *buf, uchar *pos); // required
void position(const uchar *record); // required
int extra(enum ha_extra_function operation);
int extra_opt(enum ha_extra_function operation, ulong cache_size);
void position(const uchar *record) mrn_override; // required
int extra(enum ha_extra_function operation) mrn_override;
int extra_opt(enum ha_extra_function operation, ulong cache_size) mrn_override;

int delete_table(const char *name);
int write_row(uchar *buf);
int update_row(const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data);
int delete_row(const uchar *buf);
int delete_table(const char *name) mrn_override;
int write_row(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
int update_row(const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data) mrn_override;
int delete_row(const uchar *buf) mrn_override;

uint max_supported_record_length() const;
uint max_supported_keys() const;
uint max_supported_key_parts() const;
uint max_supported_key_length() const;
uint max_supported_key_part_length() const;
uint max_supported_record_length() const mrn_override;
uint max_supported_keys() const mrn_override;
uint max_supported_key_parts() const mrn_override;
uint max_supported_key_length() const mrn_override;
uint max_supported_key_part_length() const mrn_override;

ha_rows records_in_range(uint inx, key_range *min_key, key_range *max_key);
int index_init(uint idx, bool sorted);
int index_end();
ha_rows records_in_range(uint inx, key_range *min_key, key_range *max_key) mrn_override;
int index_init(uint idx, bool sorted) mrn_override;
int index_end() mrn_override;
int index_read_map(uchar * buf, const uchar * key,
key_part_map keypart_map,
@@ -485,35 +485,35 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
int index_last(uchar *buf);
int index_next_same(uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint keylen);
int index_next_same(uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint keylen) mrn_override;

int ft_init();
FT_INFO *ft_init_ext(uint flags, uint inx, String *key);
int ft_read(uchar *buf);
int ft_init() mrn_override;
FT_INFO *ft_init_ext(uint flags, uint inx, String *key) mrn_override;
int ft_read(uchar *buf) mrn_override;

const Item *cond_push(const Item *cond);
void cond_pop();
const Item *cond_push(const Item *cond) mrn_override;
void cond_pop() mrn_override;

bool get_error_message(int error, String *buf);
bool get_error_message(int error, String *buf) mrn_override;

int reset();
int reset() mrn_override;

handler *clone(const char *name, MEM_ROOT *mem_root);
uint8 table_cache_type();
handler *clone(const char *name, MEM_ROOT *mem_root) mrn_override;
uint8 table_cache_type() mrn_override;
ha_rows multi_range_read_info_const(uint keyno, RANGE_SEQ_IF *seq,
void *seq_init_param,
uint n_ranges, uint *bufsz,
uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost);
uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost) mrn_override;
ha_rows multi_range_read_info(uint keyno, uint n_ranges, uint keys,
uint key_parts,
uint *bufsz, uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost);
uint *bufsz, uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost) mrn_override;
int multi_range_read_init(RANGE_SEQ_IF *seq, void *seq_init_param,
uint n_ranges, uint mode,
int multi_range_read_next(range_id_t *range_info);
HANDLER_BUFFER *buf) mrn_override;
int multi_range_read_next(range_id_t *range_info) mrn_override;
int read_multi_range_first(KEY_MULTI_RANGE **found_range_p,
@@ -523,38 +523,38 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
int read_multi_range_next(KEY_MULTI_RANGE **found_range_p);
void start_bulk_insert(ha_rows rows, uint flags);
void start_bulk_insert(ha_rows rows, uint flags) mrn_override;
void start_bulk_insert(ha_rows rows);
int end_bulk_insert();
int delete_all_rows();
int truncate();
double scan_time();
double read_time(uint index, uint ranges, ha_rows rows);
int end_bulk_insert() mrn_override;
int delete_all_rows() mrn_override;
int truncate() mrn_override;
double scan_time() mrn_override;
double read_time(uint index, uint ranges, ha_rows rows) mrn_override;
const key_map *keys_to_use_for_scanning();
const key_map *keys_to_use_for_scanning() mrn_override;
ha_rows estimate_rows_upper_bound();
void update_create_info(HA_CREATE_INFO* create_info);
int rename_table(const char *from, const char *to);
bool is_crashed() const;
bool auto_repair(int error) const;
ha_rows estimate_rows_upper_bound() mrn_override;
void update_create_info(HA_CREATE_INFO* create_info) mrn_override;
int rename_table(const char *from, const char *to) mrn_override;
bool is_crashed() const mrn_override;
bool auto_repair(int error) const mrn_override;
bool auto_repair() const;
int disable_indexes(uint mode);
int enable_indexes(uint mode);
int check(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt);
int repair(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt);
bool check_and_repair(THD *thd);
int analyze(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt);
int optimize(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt);
bool is_fatal_error(int error_num, uint flags=0);
int disable_indexes(uint mode) mrn_override;
int enable_indexes(uint mode) mrn_override;
int check(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt) mrn_override;
int repair(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt) mrn_override;
bool check_and_repair(THD *thd) mrn_override;
int analyze(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt) mrn_override;
int optimize(THD* thd, HA_CHECK_OPT* check_opt) mrn_override;
bool is_fatal_error(int error_num, uint flags=0) mrn_override;
bool check_if_incompatible_data(HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info,
uint table_changes);
uint table_changes) mrn_override;
check_if_supported_inplace_alter(TABLE *altered_table,
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info);
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info) mrn_override;
uint alter_table_flags(uint flags);
@@ -570,78 +570,78 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
int update_auto_increment();
void set_next_insert_id(ulonglong id);
void get_auto_increment(ulonglong offset, ulonglong increment, ulonglong nb_desired_values,
ulonglong *first_value, ulonglong *nb_reserved_values);
ulonglong *first_value, ulonglong *nb_reserved_values) mrn_override;
void restore_auto_increment(ulonglong prev_insert_id);
void release_auto_increment();
int check_for_upgrade(HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt);
void release_auto_increment() mrn_override;
int check_for_upgrade(HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt) mrn_override;
int reset_auto_increment(ulonglong value);
int reset_auto_increment(ulonglong value) mrn_override;
bool was_semi_consistent_read();
void try_semi_consistent_read(bool yes);
void unlock_row();
int start_stmt(THD *thd, thr_lock_type lock_type);
bool was_semi_consistent_read() mrn_override;
void try_semi_consistent_read(bool yes) mrn_override;
void unlock_row() mrn_override;
int start_stmt(THD *thd, thr_lock_type lock_type) mrn_override;

int records(ha_rows *num_rows);
ha_rows records();
ha_rows records() mrn_override;
int rnd_next(uchar *buf);
int rnd_next(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
int rnd_pos(uchar *buf, uchar *pos);
int rnd_pos(uchar *buf, uchar *pos) mrn_override;
int index_read_map(uchar *buf, const uchar *key,
key_part_map keypart_map,
enum ha_rkey_function find_flag);
enum ha_rkey_function find_flag) mrn_override;
int index_next(uchar *buf);
int index_next(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
int index_prev(uchar *buf);
int index_prev(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
int index_first(uchar *buf);
int index_first(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
int index_last(uchar *buf);
int index_last(uchar *buf) mrn_override;
void change_table_ptr(TABLE *table_arg, TABLE_SHARE *share_arg);
bool primary_key_is_clustered();
bool is_fk_defined_on_table_or_index(uint index);
char *get_foreign_key_create_info();
void change_table_ptr(TABLE *table_arg, TABLE_SHARE *share_arg) mrn_override;
bool primary_key_is_clustered() mrn_override;
bool is_fk_defined_on_table_or_index(uint index) mrn_override;
char *get_foreign_key_create_info() mrn_override;
char *get_tablespace_name(THD *thd, char *name, uint name_len);
bool can_switch_engines();
int get_foreign_key_list(THD *thd, List<FOREIGN_KEY_INFO> *f_key_list);
int get_parent_foreign_key_list(THD *thd, List<FOREIGN_KEY_INFO> *f_key_list);
uint referenced_by_foreign_key();
void init_table_handle_for_HANDLER();
void free_foreign_key_create_info(char* str);
bool can_switch_engines() mrn_override;
int get_foreign_key_list(THD *thd, List<FOREIGN_KEY_INFO> *f_key_list) mrn_override;
int get_parent_foreign_key_list(THD *thd, List<FOREIGN_KEY_INFO> *f_key_list) mrn_override;
uint referenced_by_foreign_key() mrn_override;
void init_table_handle_for_HANDLER() mrn_override;
void free_foreign_key_create_info(char* str) mrn_override;
void unbind_psi();
void rebind_psi();
void unbind_psi() mrn_override;
void rebind_psi() mrn_override;
my_bool register_query_cache_table(THD *thd,
char *table_key,
uint key_length,
qc_engine_callback *engine_callback,
ulonglong *engine_data);
ulonglong *engine_data) mrn_override;
bool prepare_inplace_alter_table(TABLE *altered_table,
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info);
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info) mrn_override;
bool inplace_alter_table(TABLE *altered_table,
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info);
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info) mrn_override;
bool commit_inplace_alter_table(TABLE *altered_table,
Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info,
bool commit);
void notify_table_changed();
bool commit) mrn_override;
void notify_table_changed() mrn_override;

@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ class ha_mroonga: public handler
int generic_geo_open_cursor(const uchar *key, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag);

int close();
int close() mrn_override;
bool is_dry_write();
bool is_enable_optimization();
@@ -89,12 +89,6 @@ grn_tiny_array_at_inline(grn_tiny_array *array, grn_id id)
return id ? grn_tiny_array_put(array, id) : NULL;

inline static void *
grn_tiny_array_next(grn_tiny_array *array)
return grn_tiny_array_put(array, array->max + 1);

grn_tiny_array_init(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_tiny_array *array,
uint16_t element_size, uint16_t flags)
@@ -202,15 +196,6 @@ grn_tiny_bitmap_put_byte(grn_tiny_bitmap *bitmap, grn_id bit_id) {
return (uint8_t *)*block + byte_id - offset;

/* Requirements: bit_id != GRN_ID_NIL. */
/* Return value: 1/0 on success, -1 on failure. */
inline static int
grn_tiny_bitmap_get(grn_tiny_bitmap *bitmap, grn_id bit_id)
uint8_t * const ptr = grn_tiny_bitmap_get_byte(bitmap, bit_id);
return ptr ? ((*ptr >> (bit_id & 7)) & 1) : -1;

/* Requirements: bit_id != GRN_ID_NIL. */
/* Return value: 1/0 on success, -1 on failure. */
/* Note: A bitmap is extended if needed. */
@@ -309,18 +294,6 @@ grn_io_array_bit_off(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_io *io,
return ptr;

inline static void *
grn_io_array_bit_flip(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_io *io,
uint32_t segment_id, uint32_t offset)
uint8_t * const ptr = (uint8_t *)grn_io_array_at_inline(
ctx, io, segment_id, (offset >> 3) + 1, GRN_TABLE_ADD);
if (ptr) {
*ptr ^= 1 << (offset & 7);
return ptr;

/* grn_table_queue */

static void
@@ -1738,13 +1711,6 @@ get_value(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_hash *hash, entry_str *n)
return grn_hash_entry_get_value(ctx, hash, (grn_hash_entry *)n);

inline static grn_rc
put_key(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_hash *hash, entry_str *n, uint32_t h,
const char *key, unsigned int len)
return grn_hash_entry_put_key(ctx, hash, (grn_hash_entry *)n, h, key, len);

inline static int
match_key(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_hash *hash, entry_str *ee, uint32_t h,
const char *key, unsigned int len)

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