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MDEV-19893 Do not send error packets with seqno= 0

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vaintroub committed Jun 27, 2019
1 parent dc11aab commit 51c3a5c84023671903af2879c8f85f3dd1e8344d
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@@ -461,6 +461,17 @@ bool net_send_error_packet(THD *thd, uint sql_errno, const char *err,
if ((save_compress= net->compress))
net->compress= 2;

Sometimes, we send errors "out-of-band", e.g ER_CONNECTION_KILLED
on an idle connection. The current protocol "sequence number" is 0,
however some client drivers would however always expect packets
coming from server to have seq_no > 0, due to missing awareness
of "out-of-band" operations. Make these clients happy.
if (!net->pkt_nr)
net->pkt_nr= 1;

ret= net_write_command(net,(uchar) 255, (uchar*) "", 0, (uchar*) buff,
net->compress= save_compress;

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