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Cleanup: remove JOIN::table_access_tabs, top_table_access_tabs_count.

These do not have any meaning after MDEV-8646. Their only valid values are
- table_access_tabs= join_tab;
- top_table_access_tabs_count= top_join_tab_count;
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spetrunia committed Feb 15, 2016
1 parent d8a20d4 commit 970307f54a298f7fd870cabef0d0693dccf8f402
Showing with 1 addition and 21 deletions.
  1. +1 −21 sql/sql_select.h
@@ -1057,18 +1057,6 @@ class JOIN :public Sql_alloc
/* List of fields that aren't under an aggregate function */
List<Item_field> non_agg_fields;

For "Using temporary+Using filesort" queries, JOIN::join_tab can point to
1. array of join tabs describing how to run the select, or
2. array of single join tab describing read from the temporary table.
SHOW EXPLAIN code needs to read/show #1. This is why two next members are
there for saving it.
JOIN_TAB *table_access_tabs;
uint top_table_access_tabs_count;

JOIN_TAB **map2table; ///< mapping between table indexes and JOIN_TABs
List<JOIN_TAB_RANGE> join_tab_ranges;

@@ -1498,13 +1486,6 @@ class JOIN :public Sql_alloc
in_to_exists_having= NULL;
emb_sjm_nest= NULL;
sjm_lookup_tables= 0;

The following is needed because JOIN::cleanup(true) may be called for
joins for which JOIN::optimize was aborted with an error before a proper
query plan was produced
table_access_tabs= NULL;

/* True if the plan guarantees that it will be returned zero or one row */
@@ -1663,8 +1644,7 @@ class JOIN :public Sql_alloc
int save_explain_data_intern(Explain_query *output, bool need_tmp_table,
bool need_order, bool distinct,
const char *message);
JOIN_TAB *first_breadth_first_optimization_tab() { return table_access_tabs; }
JOIN_TAB *first_breadth_first_execution_tab() { return join_tab; }
JOIN_TAB *first_breadth_first_tab() { return join_tab; }
Create a temporary table to be used for processing DISTINCT/ORDER

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