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Item_cache::safe_charset_converter() fixes

* take into account that example may be NULL
* use example->safe_charset_converter(), copy-paste from
  Item::safe_charset_converter() (example might have its own
* handle the case when the charset doesn't need conversion
  (and return this).
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vuvova committed Jun 11, 2015
1 parent 7c98e8a commit b96c196f1cd5d77e524cbf952539bdd33c65ffc1
Showing with 9 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +9 −3 sql/
@@ -1146,18 +1146,24 @@ Item *Item::safe_charset_converter(CHARSET_INFO *tocs)
because Item_singlerow_subselect later calls Item_cache-specific methods,
e.g. row[i]->store() and row[i]->cache_value().
Let's wrap Item_func_conv_charset to a new Item_cache,
Let's wrap Item_func_conv_charset in a new Item_cache,
so the Item_cache-specific methods can still be used for
Item_singlerow_subselect::row[i] safely.
As a bonus we cache the converted value, instead of converting every time
TODO: we should eventually check all other use cases of change_item_tree().
Perhaps some more potentially dangerous substitution examples exist.
Item *Item_cache::safe_charset_converter(CHARSET_INFO *tocs)
Item_func_conv_charset *conv= new Item_func_conv_charset(example, tocs, 1);
if (!example)
return Item::safe_charset_converter(tocs);
Item *conv= example->safe_charset_converter(tocs);
if (conv == example)
return this;
Item_cache *cache;
if (!conv || !conv->safe || !(cache= new Item_cache_str(conv)))
if (!conv || !(cache= new Item_cache_str(conv)))
return NULL; // Safe conversion is not possible, or OEM
cache->fixed= false; // Make Item::fix_fields() happy

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