Insight rethinks standardized testing. This iPad app is an exploratory environment that tests conceptual knowledge and creative problem solving.
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Insight App

Insight: Rethinking Standardized Testing

About This Project

When schools rely on fact memorization to prepare for standardized tests, students lose interest in the subject matter and miss its connection to the real word. This tablet-based alternative tests students’ conceptual knowledge and creative problem solving in an engaging, exploratory format.

inSight was my senior capstone project consisting of research, design, user testing, and interactive prototyping. This year-long project was a collaboration with classmate Matt Denzer.

Prototype Information

The test questions in the prototype focus on two science topics — the effect of plant roots on erosion and the effect of sunlight on plant growth. Each test question is an interactive piece through which students demonstrate skills and explain their understanding of the subject matter.

The final prototype is a combination of interactive elements and UI animations due to time constraints. It was built in HTML and jQuery, and the wrapped in PhoneGap to create a native iPad app.

Research & Design

Check out for more information about our design process.