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Add custom shapes to Elementor page builder
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Elementor Custom Shapes

WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom shapes dividers to the Elementor page builder.

Prerequistes :

  • Elementor version >= 2.1.0 activated

Installation instructions

  • Upload and activate Elementor Custom Shapes plugin
  • Go to Elementor > Custom Shapes menu
  • Publish a new Custom Shape : a title and an SVG file as a post thumbnail
  • Your new shape will be available in Elementor Sections > Style > Shape divider select

⚠️ Important notes

  • You need to allow SVG upload on your WordPress website, for example with the plugin Safe SVG
  • Your SVG files need to be cleaned up (no IDs, no styles), you can use SVGOMG for that
  • SVG paths must have CSS class "elementor-shape-fill"

SVG example

Below an SVG code example:

<svg viewBox="0 0 1000 50" preserveAspectRatio="none" xmlns="">
  <path class="elementor-shape-fill" d="M -0.19 51.146 L 1004.238 50.978 L -0.104 0.112 L -0.19 51.146 Z"/>
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