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Commits on Dec 1, 2012
  1. Adds gitignore file

    committed Nov 30, 2012
Commits on Oct 21, 2012
  1. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.40

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Oct 11, 2012
    - The cop can often do a solid assessment when the maximum indent is 8. Only when there are no smaller indents, a higher indent is needed to unequivocally recognize soft tabstops.
    - ENH: Better handle integer overflow when rating and normalizing: Limit to MAX_INT instead of carrying on with negative ratings, or just use Float values when Vim has support for it.
    - When we have only a few, widely indented lines, there may be more than one way to interpret them as a perfect setting. Choose one over the other via some simple heuristics instead of the previous assertion error.
    - FIX: Fall back to the old :2match when matchadd() is not available.
Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.31

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Apr 3, 2012
    - Use matchadd() instead of :2match to avoid clashes with user highlightings (or other plugins like html_matchtag.vim).
    - ENH: Clear highlighting when another buffer is loaded into the window to avoid that the highlightings persist in a now wrong context.
Commits on Dec 1, 2011
  1. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.30

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Nov 23, 2011
    ENH: Avoid the spurious "potential inconsistency with buffer settings" warning when there are only small consistent indents detected as space-indents, but the equivalent softtabstop-indent is consistent with the buffer settings. As many files only have small indents, this warning popped up regularly and has been the most annoying for me, also because to rectify it, one has to answer three questions: "[W]rong", "[s]ofttabstop", [N]).
Commits on Jan 1, 2011
  1. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.21

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Dec 31, 2010
    - Added b:indentconsistencycop_result.isIgnore to allow the IndentConsistencyCopAutoCmds integration to suspend further invocations of the cop in the buffer.
    - BUG: :IndentRangeConsistencyCop didn't report inconsistencies at all because of a bad conditional statement introduced in 1.20.014.
    - Using separate autoload script to help speed up Vim startup.
    - Added separate help file and packaging the plugin as a vimball.
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.20.017

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Jul 22, 2008
    BF: Undefined variable l:isEntireBuffer in IndentBufferConsistencyCop().
  2. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.20.016

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Jul 21, 2008
    ENH: Added b:indentconsistencycop_result buffer-scoped dictionary containing the results of the check, which can be used by other integrations.
    Also check consistency of buffer settings if the buffer/range does not contain indented text. Inconsistent indent settings can then be corrected with a queried setting.
    BF: Clear previous highlighting if buffer/range now does not contain indented text.
  3. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.10.012

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Jun 23, 2008
    Minor change: Added -bar to all commands that do not take any arguments, so that these can be chained together.
  4. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.10.011

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Feb 28, 2008
    Improved the algorithm so that 'softtabstop' is recognized even when a file only has small indents with either (up to 7) spaces or tabs, but no tab + space combination.
  5. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.00.010

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Nov 8, 2007
    BF: In an inconsistent and large buffer/range that has only one or a few small inconsistencies and one dominant (i.e. 99%) setting, the text "Some minor / inconclusive potential settings have been omitted." is not printed.
    ENH: Print "noexpandtab/expandtab" instead of " expandtab to 0/1", as the user would :setlocal the setting.
  6. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.00.009

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Jun 4, 2007
    ENH: Improved detection accuracy for soft tabstops when the maximum indent is too small for a solid assessment. When the maximum indent of the buffer is not enough to be sure of the indent settings (i.e. differentiating between soft tabstops and spaces), an inconsistent indent was reported, even though it is much more likely that the indent is consistent with "soft tabstop n", but that wasn't recognized because of the small indents used in the file. If allowed, the cop now examines the buffer settings to possibly turn around the verdict of "inconsistent indent".
  7. @vim-scripts

    Version 1.00.008

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Apr 2, 2007
    Allowing user to override wrongly found consistent setting (e.g. 'sts1' instead of 'tab') by choosing 'Wrong, choose correct setting...' in the IndentBufferConsistencyCop.
  8. @vim-scripts

    Version 0.07

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Nov 2, 2006
    Corrected unreasonable assumption of a consistent small indent setting (of 1 or 2 spaces) when actually only some wrong spaces spoil the consistency. Now, a perfect consistent rating is only accepted if its absolute rating number is also the maximum rating.
    BF: Avoiding runtime error in IndentBufferInconsistencyCop() if s:ratings is empty.
    BF: Suppressing 'Not buffer setting' option if the buffer setting is inconsistent ('badset'), which threw an exception when selected.
  9. @vim-scripts

    Version 0.05

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Oct 30, 2006
    Improved g:indentconsistencycop_non_indent_pattern to also allow ' *\t' and ' *****' comments.
  10. @vim-scripts

    Version 0.04: Initial upload

    Ingo Karkat committed with vim-scripts Oct 24, 2006
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