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Nintendo Switch-styled launcher for Windows.
Game Maker Language NSIS
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Written in GML, Ninty is a launcher based on the Nintendo Switch interface to run the main Fan Games (and several other softwares) out there. Discord Server:


  • Switch based UI supporting customizable themes, including animated wallpapers with songs.

  • Works as a forwarder, useful for emulators.

  • Discord Rich Presence support, including variated predefined icons.

  • Cute User guide:


Program, Design & Character: Mario Silva (Nin★Gamer)

Logo: Biel98765

Translations: GlitchyPSI (Spanish) Biel98765 & Lake (English) Majora03 (French) Mario Silva (Portuguese) MasterXYZ (Italian) VECTORKNICKER (Polish) MaxNox (Russian)

Extensions: Aouab (DiscordRPC) Samuel Venable (FMNS) Paul Weijtens (GMFile) YellowAfterlife (WinCMD)

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