Serializes AS3 objects into XML and back to value objects
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Serializes AS3 objects into XML and back to value objects

Why would I use it?

Strong typed objects instead of XML files (configuration, settings, markup, etc)

How does it work?

var xml:XML = Serializer.serialize( myDataTransferObject );
var myObject:MyDataTransferObject = Serializer.deserialize( xml );

What are the rules?

Don’t use parameters in the constructors

Which objects does it take?

Data Transfers Objects. Anything that be converted into text including Vectors, Array, XML, etc

Which class members it can serialize / deserialize

public getters with setters and public variables

How do I configure my classes?

You don’t have to do anything. It will serialise all public variables and accessors

Is that all?

Actually no. You have CRUD operations too

//for more easily retrieving the serialized XML into value object:
var crud:ICrud = new SerializeCRUD( xmlFolderURL );

crud.retrieve( ObjectClass, uniqueId )
function onRetrieved(e:PersisterEvent):void
var serializedPlayList:ObjectClass = e.retrievedItem;