Southampton sailing robot
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danhaus and tsaoyu Wave position (#255)
* initializing of queue and keeping constant number of elements after initialization ends

* debug functions

* copying queue after refresh period and fitting curve

* sine changed to cosine, dubegging methods added

* setup file for integrating wave_position with ROS

* get_position method, added test cases, needs debugging

* enable get_position only after initialization completes

* docstring

* cleaning up

* integrating wave_position with ROS

* removing time dependency during initialization

* moving wave_position settings to ROS parameters

* adjusting time_range for wave_position

* debugging, reducing order of model function, adding bounds to curve_fit
Latest commit 36fcd46 Sep 25, 2018


Sailing Robot Project

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                                          This is Southampton Sailing Robot Team's code repository.
                -..                       We have built an one meter long autonomous sailing boat  
               oMN.                       that compete for the World Sailing Robot Competition.
               o:                         Our code are based on ROS framework. 
               o: dMMy-                   
               o: sMMMMy`                 Our project wouldn't be possible without kind sponsors: 
             : o: /MMMMMN/               
            :+ +/ .MMMMMMMs               Southampton University 
            m/ +/  MMMMMMMMd`             Southampton University Alumni (matching funding)
           sM- +/  NMMMMMMMMd`            Bob Preston
          :MM- +/  NMMMMMMMMMm.           Alistair Lynn
         .NMM. +/  NMMMMMMMMMMm`          Timfkmiller
         dMMM. +/  MMMMMMMMMMMMd`         Matt Brown
        yMMMM. +/ `MMMMMMMMMMMMMh         schneider
       oMMMMM- +/ -MMMMMMMMMMMMMMo        Alex Ziang
      +MMMMMM: +/ +MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:       arnaud_wiertz
     +MMMMMMM+ ++ sMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN`      Kerrine Lee
    /MNNmmNNMs /+ dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMh      Alessandro Romano
    .`      `` -: yso/::-....--:/+oy.     Lee Kwong Yong
  `southamptonuniversitysailingrobot-     andybs
                                          and many anonymous donors who support us silently.
                                          Thank you for your support!

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