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Oct 17, 2016 - Mike McMahon (

Please refer to the wiki for more extensive documentation.

This package facilitates the creation of simple basemaps, with the option of adding the contents of a dataframe as point data. It is intentionally simple, but flexible.

  • No data needs to exist on your computer to generate a map.
  • The map can focused at any extent in Canada, and includes the US, Greenland and France (for Saint Pierre and Miquelon).
  • The map can be produced in almost any coordinate reference system (CRS) (many of which can be found here).
  • Any dataframe with coordinates can be added to a map as points. Point data is always assumed to be in WGS84.
  • Points can be styled to reflect the values they represent via use.buckets = TRUE (i.e. bigger, darker symbols reflect larger values)

##Installing this package In R, you first need to install the devtools package, then you can install this package directly from github. In practice, this looks like:

> require(devtools)
> install_github('Beothuk/bio.plotting')
Downloading GitHub repo Beothuk/bio.plotting@master
from URL
Installing bio.plotting
Reloading installed bio.plotting

That's it! Don't forget to require(bio.plotting) to use it. Test it by running make_basemap().

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