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Changelog 0.7, 06.06.11, revision 173
- Implemented: Make it possible to set active connection per document
- Implemented: Boolean validator
- Implemented: Object validator
- Implemented: Object array validator
Changelog 0.6-beta, 05.01.11, revision 161
- Implemented #7: Delete document method is required.
# Thanks to Flyingmana for the patch
- Implemented #12: fetchById does not check the type
# Thanks to PHPGangsta for the patch
- Implemented #13: Using include_docs parameter is not possible
- Implemented: Support for reduce parameter
- Fixed #9: Incorrect base64 encoding in import/export-tool
- Added: Bootstrap file setting up PHPillow autoload mechanism
- Added: Working simple example for storing and updating documents in a DB
- Documented: Behaviour of response classes
Changelog 0.5-alpha, 09.08.09, revision 136
- Implemented: View base class, which allows to store map and reduce functions
in external files
- Implemented: couchdb-python compatible couchdb-dump utility
- Implemented: couchdb-python compatible couchdb-load utility
- Implemented: Action to prime all caches in a database
- Fixed: Connection error to exception conversion in custom connection
- Documented: tutorial now reflects the new API
Changelog 0.4-alpha, 10.07.09, revision 106
- Implemented #5: Add support for username/password
Changelog 0.3-alpha, 24.03.09, revision 100
- Implemented: Support PHP 5.2
- Implemented: Support for HTTP-Redirects. They only work on the same server,
which should be OK, especially for CouchDB.
- Implemented: BC handling for old CouchDB view paramters introduced using new
view parameter names. Breaks support for CouchDB 0.8.1, since trunk and and
0.8.1 are API incompatible now.
- Implemented: __isset() for phpillow documents
- Implemented: Indexable date validator
- Implemented: Float number validator
- Implemented: Use PHPs stream wrapper for HTTP communication
- Implemented: Made connection base class abstract and layed out stream
connection handler in custom class.
- Implemented: Option to set the timeout directly in the connection class with
a lower default timeout.
- Implemented: Support for group and group_level view parameters
- Implemented: Script to backup and restore database independant from CouchDBs
storage file format. (experimental)
Changelog 0.2-alpha, 17.08.08, revision 46
- Implemented: Trigger CouchDBs ID autogeneration, when ID generator returns
- Implemented: Store new documents, even no properties were set.
- Implemented: Integer validator
- Implemented: Array response for CouchDB database listings
- Implemented: Script to backup and restore database independant from CouchDBs
storage file format.
Changelog 0.1-alpha, 24.07.08, revision 36
- Implemented: Support for reduce
- Implemented: Always return associative arrays instead of StdClass objects
- Implemented: Store manually specified mime type for attachements.
- Implemented: Specify attachment name
- Implemented: Support for attachments in documents
- Implemented: Option to log raw HTTP messages
- Implemented: Handling of HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive connections and chunked transfer
- Implemented: View API changes for CouchDB 0.8