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API changes
This document documents backwards compatibility breaking API changes.
0.2-alpha to 0.3-alpha
PHPillow has been converted to also run with PHP 5.2, instead of just PHP 5.3
and higher. This process involved some API changes, which are listed below.
- fetchById() cannot be called statically any more.
For static calls with the same functionality you should use the manager
class, like::
$document = phpillowManager::fetchDocument( 'name', 'id' );
This works basically the same. If you want to call the fetchById method
without using the manager you may just do::
$document = new myPhpillowDocument();
$document->fetchById( 'id' );
- The static property $type cannot be used anymore to define the document
type. The document type has to be returned by the getType method in *each*
of your document classes.
When using PHP 5.3 or higher you may still implement a generic base class
for all your documents, which implements this method in a generic way and
extend all your concrete document classes from this one. The generic
implementation would then look like::
protected function getType()
return static::$type;
- If you still want to use the static document factory method createNew() for
your document classes with PHP 5.2 or lower you need to implement a generic
createNew() method in *each* of your classes, because PHP 5.2 does not
support late static binding. But you can now instantiate the document
classes directly. Generally either the registry should be used or normal
instantiations of the document classes. This generic method would look
public static function createNew( $docType = null )
return parent::createNew( $docType === null ? __CLASS__ : $docType );
This implementation works fine when extending from this document class, as
long as all extending classes again implement this method.
Using PHP 5.3 you may still omit this method in all document classes. The
example classes all implement this method to be compatible with PHP 5.2.
- There are two class interface changes:
- The constructor of the document classes now need to be public, so that the
document classes can be instantiated directly.
- The getViewName() method in views must not be static.