A MODX plugin to help you blackout your site on January 18th 2012 to protest against the SOPA/PIPA bills.
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== see my blog post about this extra: http://www.markhamstra.com/modx-blog/2012/01/blacking-out-my-site-january-18th-sopa-pipa/ ==

Partially based on this WordPress plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-sopa-blackout/, released as GPL.

This plugin will hijack requests on January 18th between 8am and 8pm YOU SERVER TIME. For more information on why, see www.sopastrike.com.

The plugin will give users the opportunity to still see your site - they will see the blackout once, and should be free to browse your site for up to 3 hours after that. They can browse your site after seeing the blackout by refreshing the page or clicking the "Continue to your destination" link.

The blackout serves a proper 503 Server temporarily unavailable message to avoid losing your search engine rankings. 

To adjust the layout of the blackout page, edit core/components/sopablackout/elements/templates/simple-message.tpl.