Resource & Element Versioning Extra for MODX Revolution (supports 2.2 and up). Extends the core in a future-proof manner to keep copies of every change to resources, templates, template variables, chunks, snippets and plugins.
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Version: 2.1.0
Author: Mark Hamstra <>

VersionX is a utility tool for MODX Revolution that will help you version your content in Resources, Templates, Template Variables, Chunks, Snippets and Plugins. Every save is recorded and can easily be looked back, compared and restored through the component.

NOTE: VersionX 2.0 is a complete rewrite and is NOT compatible with VersionX 1.0. You will be able to snapshot all your existing content into the new 2.0 schema, however you cannot re-use any data stored from VersionX 1.0.

Have fun!
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