@Mark-H Mark-H Mark Hamstra


    forked from modxcms/a11y

    MODX Accessibility for the Manager

    Updated Feb 25, 2015


    forked from splittingred/Articles

    Blog Custom Resource Type for MODX 2.2

    Updated Jul 15, 2014


    forked from meltingmedia/Asides

    Asides is a MODX Extra allowing you to easily manage "asides" on a website, using chunks.

    Updated Sep 18, 2011


    Listings component for MODX Revolution, intended to display and manage birthday listings.

    Updated Oct 5, 2012


    A custom development addon for managing camper inventory.

    Updated Jul 10, 2014


    forked from BobRay/Captcha

    Captcha Plugin for MODx Revolution

    Updated May 14, 2011


    forked from bennyb/cb.classSelectInput

    Class Select Box - Custom Input type for modmore contentBlock

    Updated Jan 27, 2015

    JavaScript 0 6,937


    forked from chartjs/Chart.js

    Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

    Updated Aug 3, 2015


    ClientConfig is a MODX Revolution Extra to allow clients to maintain settings in a user friendly way.

    Updated Aug 22, 2016


    forked from modxcms/Collections

    An Extra for MODX Revolution that provides for Resource Collections managed by CollectionContainer Resources

    Updated Jan 5, 2014


    ContextRouter is a simple plug-and-play plugin allowing you to use different contexts, and, based on the http_host context settings you need to set anyway, it routes your front-end requests as required.

    Updated Jul 18, 2012


    forked from anselmh/CONTRIBUTING.md

    Repository for the CONTRIBUTING.md file which should be applied to all Open Source Repositories.

    Updated Mar 12, 2013


    CookieList is a Wishlist Extra for MODX Revolution that stores the data in a cookie.

    Updated Nov 18, 2011


    DiagnoseX is (will be) a simple drop-in php file which will help you diagnose problems with a MODX Revolution quickly.

    Updated Jul 29, 2012


    Domaineer is a MODX Revolution plugin that you can use to set domain-specific settings and/or placeholders. See the Readme for more information.

    Updated Dec 29, 2011

    HTML 0 6


    forked from apilayer/euvatrates.com

    Super simple (static) web service to grab VAT rates for all EU Member States, in preparation of the new 2015 VAT regulation.

    Updated Jan 1, 2016


    There's better components for Events in MODX now - leaving up the source just in case, but I strongly suggest using EventsX or mxCalendar instead. EventManager is not going to be supported in favour of other components.

    Updated Sep 6, 2011


    MODX Evolution gallery addon

    Updated Aug 8, 2013


    forked from josht/faqMan

    Updated Jan 24, 2014


    forked from christianseel/fbLikes

    snippet for MODX Revolution that returns the number of fans for a facebook page

    Updated Apr 15, 2012


    FirstChildRedirect updated for MODX 2.1 and beyond.

    Updated Dec 29, 2011

    Clojure 0 79


    forked from circleci/frontend

    CircleCI's frontend

    Updated Oct 16, 2015


    forked from splittingred/Gallery

    A Gallery add-on for MODx Revolution.

    Updated Dec 18, 2012


    getRelated is a Snippet for MODX Revolution that will automatically find related pages based on fields you specify.

    Updated Jul 14, 2012


    forked from opengeek/getResources

    A MODx Snippet for iterating a collection of MODx Resources

    Updated Jul 26, 2013

    JavaScript 21 9


    A Mobile Manager for the MODX Content Management Framework

    Updated Aug 16, 2013


    Addon for MODX Revolution which will take your CSV Formatted files (or raw paste) and transforms it into resources. Funded by Working Party (digital agency based in Sydney, @workingparty)

    Updated Jul 24, 2015


    forked from aladage/InstantAPI

    A MODX plugin that instantly turns any MODX resource into JSON.

    Updated Jan 20, 2013


    UNSUPPORTED - DO NOT USE! Alternatives are Wayfinder or pdoMenu (from pdoTools)

    Updated Oct 21, 2012


    mhDash is a dashboard widget for MODX Revolution 2.2+, which does nothing more but show contents of my blog's RSS feed. Really. It's not that fancy, and most of the code comes from the MODX package anyway.

    Updated Jul 24, 2012