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Make It, Find It, Deliver It.
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Food Me

version 1.0.0

Food Me was built as part of a project for UC Berkeley Coding Boot Camp. The purpose of the program is to allow users a way to fulfill their cravings for specific food. It is broken down into three primary categories. Make It, Find It and Deliver It.

Home page image of Food Me

Home page of Food Me

Live Link

Food Me Categories

Food Me is comprised of three primary subsections. Here's a closer look at each:

Make It

After submitting the dish of choice into the input tab, the user can select to look for recipes for the item they choose. Once they hit it, up to 10 recipes will be returned. Once clicking on a dish they want to explore further, a modal of the recipe appears. At the bottom of the model, there's a button where the user can chose to save the food item.

Recipe Choices when Make It clicked

(photo above) Recipe Choices When Make It Clicked

Once you choose recipe, form with ingredients appears

(photo above) Exact recipe ingredients appears when meal of choice is selected.

Find It

The user that chooses to go to a restaurant that serves the dish would use the Find It button on the app. Once they click the button, a list of restaurants appear utilizing the Google Places API. The information returned to the user include Rating, Price Range, Address, and Phone Number. There's also a link that will open the place directly in Google Places where other information and options provided by Google Places is provided.

Click Find it and get restaurants that serve your craving

Find the restaurant that serves dish when Find it is clicked

Deliver It

The user that wishes to have the food delivered to them can click on the Deliver It link which will give them a list of restaurants that deliver and links to GrubHub where people can get the food they want sent directly to them.

When deliver it is clicked, you will be shown how to get the food to you

When deliver it is clicked you will be shown how to get the food to you

Other Highlights of App

  • Sight is responsive so that it works on all mobile devices
  • Location uses Geolocation Data to give users that will allow users to find locations of restaurants in close proximity to where they are. If the user decides not to share location or want to look in other areas, an autofill address option is available.

Technology Used

API Keys

Plans for future versions

  • Better Recipe API’s that will return more data such as ingredients and nutritional data.
  • Multiple delivery portals beyond GrubHub.
  • User customizable sorting options such as distance, price range, ratings and review count.
  • Add spell checker for input box
  • Verify username is not taken
  • Sharing recipes and locations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


  • Mark Mikelonis
  • David Morrill
  • Pedram Sharif
  • Tung Tung Ouyang


Insight and expertise was used from David Halllinan, Peter Gardner, and John Alexander Ferguson.

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