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jQuery UI Widget Library Template

This repo is a template for a jQuery UI widget library. Clone this repo and Use it to create new jQuery UI widgets for your own projects.

Testing your widget

This template uses Jasmine to specify the behaviour of your jQuery UI widget. Jasmine is BDD for your JavaScript. It works both in and outside the web browser, and provides a descriptive API for writing your specifications.

Running the tests in your browser

As most modern browsers prevent JavaScript running from the file-system to access other content on the file system the test specs cannot make use of jQuery XHR calls. To resolve this, you need to run a web server serving the contents of the widget directory.

<code>ant serve</code>

The tests are being refactored to prevent the need for XHR which will eliminate this dependency.

Open the /spec/SpecRunner.html file in your web browser to run the tests using the Jasmine browser test runner. There's a shortcut to do this using:

<code>ant test-browser</code>

Which opens the tests in Google Chrome.

Running the tests on the command-line

Using Jasmine and PhantomJS allows us to run our unit tests from the command-line. You'll need phantomjs installed on your machine before you can run this:

<code>ant test</code>

Running the tests on Hudson

To run the tests on the Hudson server:

<code>ant test-hudson</code>

The output is stored in a junit compatable XML test file in junit-hudson.xml.