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A post receive hook to attach Github commits to an AgileZen board
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Now Native

AgileZen now as this as a native ability in Github. Read more at their blog. Don't expect anything new here.

A Github Post-Receive Hook for AgileZen

This is a super simple little Sinatra app to attach comments to an AgileZen board. Right now it will only look for comments on a single board.


  • Ruby
  • Sinatra

You can easily spin up this app on Heroku.


Get your API key from AgileZen. It's probably a good idea to create user specifically for the API and limit the privileges as needed.

Add the post receive hook in Github as follows.

Push commits to your Github repo with commit message that contains /(?:task|story|card) #?(\d+)/i and you'll see the commit appear in AgileZen.

To Do

  • that it's native.
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