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33 Questions

There are a little over 7 billion people in the world. That's about 2^33 people.

We could give everybody on the planet a unique series of 33 1s and 0s, and identify anyone by their personal series. But that would be boring.

What if, instead assigning 1s and 0s, we had 33 'Yes' or 'No' general questions that, when answered correctly, uniquely identified everyone on the planet. Does this set of questions exist and if they do, what are they? The aim of this project is to answer those questions.

The perfect set of questions will be notoriously difficult to produce. Every question will have to almost exactly divide the population between 'Yes' and 'No', as well as being completely independent of all other questions.

As an example, having both the questions "Are you male?" and "Are you below the median age?" will not work because there are more females above the median age than men. Separately they might divide the population, but together they will not split the population into 4 group of 25% as required.

To contribute to the project, open up a pull request and add your question to the list below. All questions are open to debate and discussion.

The Questions (open to debate)

  1. Do you identify yourself as male?
  2. Do you currently live in one of the following countries: China, India, The United States, Indonesia, Brazil or Pakistan?
  3. ...


33 Questions



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