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About this repository

As of 3/24/2017, I've stopped updating this repository because our library bought LibGuides CMS. CMS has allowed our library to do a lot more customization of our LibGuides code in various places. As a result, this repo has become really difficult to maintain. So I'll leave it as it is.

The files here are copied from Kingsborough Library's LibGuides Admin interface. They will not produce a workable site on their own, but when pasted into the appropriate fields of the LibGuides Admin pages, they will modify the default LibGuide homepage to produce a page that looks like this:

The three files in this repository are:

  • LibGuide-home.html, which is taken from Admin > Homepage > Customize Homepage Template
  • LibGuide.css, which is taken from Admin > Custom JS/CSS
  • and LibGuide-banner.html, which is taken from Admin > Header/Footer/Tabs/Boxes > Page Header

LibGuide.css has comments included to explain what the various rules are doing. Please feel free to use and adapt any of these files, and let me know what you make!