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#include <LEDStripG35.h>
// A G35String knows how to talk to a real GE Color Effects light string.
// In particular, it implements the set_color() method of the G35 interface.
// These strings need enumerate() to be called before anything else, so that
// each bulb has an individual address. In many cases, your lights will work
// as expected even if you forget to call enumerate(), because most programs
// happen to do the same thing as enumerate() -- namely, they send commands
// to all bulbs starting with bulb #0 and ending with bulb #N-1. If your
// light programs look right but fractured, it's because you forgot to call
// enumerate().
class LEDStripG35String : public LEDStripG35
LEDStripG35String(uint8_t light_count);
// Implementation of G35 interface.
virtual uint16_t get_light_count()
return light_count_;
void set_color(uint8_t led, color_t color);
void show(void);
#endif // INCLUDE_LEDStripG35_STRING_H